If Tony Romo Can Throw…

September 17th, 2009

… for 353 yards, what can Trent Edwards do with better receivers on turf?

Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News suggests a lot. That’s the belief of the Bills as well.

Gaughan points out that the Bills normally stink up the joint against the Patriots defense. Yet in the opening-season loss to the Patriots, the Bills, Edwards in particular, put up solid numbers.

Somewhat lost in the shuffle of Monday’s loss to New England was the fact Trent Edwards played a very solid game. Edwards had no turnovers and a passer rating of 114. He threw for 212 yards. That’s not too shabby, given the BIlls’ history vs. Bill Belichick. In the previous 11 losses to the Pats, Bills QBs had averaged 168 yards per game with a total of 16 INTs and a passer rating of 57.3.

Remember, the NFL is a copycat league. If one team exposes another team’s weakness, you can bet the mortgage the next week a team’s opponent will try to duplicate the same thing.

 And Buffalo has the weapons to do just that. This scares Joe.

One Response to “If Tony Romo Can Throw…”

  1. Tommy Says:

    Let’s not give too much praise to Edwards. The Patriots defense has had a lot of turnover this offseason (Bruschi, Harrison, Seymour) so it is to be expected that the Bills put up better numbers than they did in the past. That’s not to say our Bucs will play better than the Patriots defensively, but let’s slow down with the projected performances of the lowly Bills players.

    T.O. and Lee Evans were non-existent last week. I have to believe that Jim Bates will not put Shabby Suckatelli in the same coverages as last week. Besides those 4 busted plays our defense did a pretty good job even with the lack of a pass rush. If anything, I more concerned about Fred Jackson. He is a solid runner and pass catcher. If we focus too much on the Bills WRs, he will hurt us the most. If we run the ball effectively and control the clock all this posturing is for not. From the looks of Caddy and Ward last week, running the ball effectively is more of a possibility than Trent Edward throwing for 350+ yds. Edwards is no Romo. Edwards is more like Prince (See his post game interview on NFL Network after he lost to the Pats). I swear he was wearing a purple suit and eye-liner.