Don’t Bank On A Win For A While

September 22nd, 2009

Fox announcers Kenny Albert and Daryl Johnston take a look back at the Bucs ugly loss to the Bills Sunday. Johnston is blunt about the Bucs: He expects the Bucs to go at least 0-5 to start the season.

Folks, unless something drastic happens, and Joe cannot fathom what that might be, it’s going to get very, very ugly.

2 Responses to “Don’t Bank On A Win For A While”

  1. Charkh Says:

    I know this will sound crazy, but I actually think we have a chance to beat the Giants. That Giants’ running game hasn’t been clicking in the past two weeks, and while the passing game has picked up the slack, Eli isn’t known for his consistency. None of his receivers are on the same deep threat level of the ‘Boys or Bills receivers, and ultimately, those deep strike plays made the difference in both games.

    The Giants’ defense hasn’t exactly been monstrous this year, either. Washington put up 17 points on them. Washington could only put up 9 points on the Rams. Dallas put up as many points on the Giants’ as they did our defense, and we all know how porous our defense has been. Beyond that, their defense is predicated on their ability to get a pass rush from their DEs. Penn has been solid in pass protection and Justin Tuck is hurt. Dallas ran all over them, too, which fits to our offensive game.

    So I really think it comes down to Eli Manning and preventing their offense from going up early. If Eli falters in the first half, we’ll be able to run on them and get a lead.

  2. Mike Says:

    Please share some of what you are smoking with the rest of us…packages can be sent care of Joe at

    Smith and Manningham may not be well know WRs, but they run great, precise routes and hold on to the ball. With our secondary in shreds and no pass rush, Eli can stand back and survey the field and pick apart the defense. On offense, instead of playing wide open, full throttle, we need to play ball control to limit the Giants from scoring on our defense, and give the offense a fighting chance to outscore them. Oh, and no pick 6’s from Leftwich please.