Chucky’s A “Push-over”

September 2nd, 2009

Joe apologizes for being a bit late to the table with this nugget, but apparently all the stories we heard about Chucky being a tyrant with the Bucs may not be true.

No less an authority than former Bucs great Warren Sapp says so.

In a recent chat on, NFL Network analyst Sapp was asked an unusual question, and he had an unusual answer.

Mike , San Diego
Warren, what was harder to get through, the 1st training camp with Gruden or getting ready for Dancing with the Stars?

Warren Sapp, NFL Network
Dancing with the Stars. Gruden was a push-over. He didn’t bother us big dawgs.

Interesting. Was Sapp then suggesting that Meshawn Johnson was a little dog?

For some odd reason, this comment from Sapp leaves Joe with an image of Chucky waltzing with Rachel Watson at the Cuban Club in Ybor City, with Rachel wearing some slinky, skin-baring number.

Sigh. Maybe Joe just needs a cold Caybrew?

2 Responses to “Chucky’s A “Push-over””

  1. Gary Says:

    Joe I hope the advertising revenue you generate from Bucanero and Caybrew also include the fact that you mention them both in practically every posting! Is it not enough for fans of this site to see their ads on the side of the page, but to be subjected to that in every post we read? I think thats a little too much, even if your making some extra bread off perpetually promoting them. But hey, its not like I’m going anywhere!

    Keep up the good work, love this site, love your opinionated attitude, and the funny nicknames you think up. Just one question, what does C.I.T.S stand for?

  2. Joe Says:


    Thanks for the kind words and Joe is pleased that you are a happy and loyal reader. By all means tell your friends about Joe.

    If you’ve ever tried a Caybrew, you’d know why Joe gets as excited over this fine adult beverage as he does the thought of a shivering, rain-soaked, scantily-clad Rachel Watson knocking on Joe’s door seeking warmth and comfort.

    As for the CITS, Joe keeps forgetting that due to Joe’s growing popularity (Joe just posted another record month for readers in August — Joe warmly thanks every one of his readers) not all are aware of this acronym. It’s an ode to the late, great Chris Thomas. “CITS” is a term Thomas coined:

    Community Investment Tax Stadium, the home of the Bucs.

    As always, if the people of said financial services firm located in St. Petersburg want Joe to call the stadium by its “official” name, Joe will be happy to do so. Joe simply requests said financial services firm to give Joe a low-interest refinance on his abode and Joe will be more than happy to refer to the stadium by its common name. Hey, just like Bryan and Joel, Joe’s a capitalist too.

    Representatives of said financial services firm located in St. Petersburg may e-mail Joe at and we’ll talk turkey. Or chicken. Or quail. Or whatever fowl representatives of said financial services firm located in St. Petersburg wish to talk.