Chucky Wanted Brooks To Succeed Him

September 24th, 2009

Interesting little nugget from a BSPN chat with their new employee, former (cough, cough) Bucs great Derrick Brooks.

A fan claimed he read where Chucky thought so highly of Brooks’ intelligence, that he wanted Brooks to succeed him as the Bucs coach. Brooks didn’t deny it, but it seems as though coaching is not in Brooks’ future.

Brad Reinert (Tampa, FL)
I read once that Jon Gruden wanted you to succeed him as Head Coach in Tampa. He spoke very highly of you and your football IQ. If the opportunity were there, would you consider coming back to Tampa to coach?

Derrick Brooks
I have considered the coaching profession as an option when I decide to retire. But it would be hard for me to do with a young family.

While Bryan and Joel want Brooks to work for them, let’s just say it wasn’t in the cards that Chucky was going to pick his successor.

Wonder what Raheem the Dream thinks of this?

One Response to “Chucky Wanted Brooks To Succeed Him”

  1. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    this is very interesting and there might be more to it than it looks ther is no doubt brooks could have been on this team maybe Rahqueen didnt want him on the team for a more insidious reason