Chucky Exposes Bruce Almighty

September 30th, 2009

Chucky appeared with “The Blitz” co-hosts Adam Schein and Rich Gannon on Sirius NFL Radio earlier today to drop a couple of mini bombshells and to lobby for the Dallass gig (that isn’t open yet) with a radio version of a French kiss to Tony Romo.

Hey, Romo likes blondes, so maybe…

First, Chucky all but threw his former comrade in arms, Bruce Almighty, under the bus.

Quick background: One of Joe’s very first posts on this site was catching Bruce Almighty in a fib where Bruce Almighty claimed the Bucs were not in serious negotiations in trading for Brett Favre.

Well, today, Chucky confirmed Bruce Almighty was full of it.

When Schein asked Chucky if he thought the Bucs were about to consummate a deal to acquire Farve in the summer of 2008, Chucky didn’t hold back.

“I sure did,” Chucky said. “We thought he was coming to Tampa and if he did, I might still be coaching.”

When Schein asked Chucky about Romo, Chucky couldn’t contain his excitement.

“I have a staff, we go through the tapes here in Tampa… Romo is a lightning rod for some reason. When he didn’t play I don’t think they scored a touchdown in a game.

(Joe’s note: Brad Johnson disagrees).

Chucky went on to laud the record of the Cowboys when Romo starts and you would have thought Chucky was talking about Romo’s latest piece of eye candy, a former Miss Missouri.

Gannon then asked Chucky about the Bucs and Josh Johnson, who Chucky drafted last year. Chucky didn’t take the bait on the Bucs but he did talk lovingly about Johnson.

“I am not an expert on Tampa, obviously,” Chucky said. “I wish them the best. It’s a new scheme and they had a change in an offensive coordinator and a quarterback, hey, that is tough on any team.

“But Johnson, I like a lot about him. He is very athletic. He played for Jim Harbaugh at San Diego before he went to Stanford so he knows a lot about the west coast offense. He’s a smart guy, a hard-working guy, maybe the hardest I’ve ever had at that position. There’s tremendous upside with his ability.

“He’ll be ready to go and I’ll be excited to see how he does.”

Chucky also downplayed any talk of him coaching as early as next year. He was asked by Schein why he leans toward being a cheerleader on Monday Night Football.

“Look, I just got fired. I want to hang onto this job as long as I can,” Chucky joked. “I don’t like to criticize. I want to be enthusiastic and positive.”

Joe is sure Ronde Barber can appreciate that.

14 Responses to “Chucky Exposes Bruce Almighty”

  1. oar Says:

    Wow, Joe I can’t believe you even linked that Brad Johnson stat. Gruden was mistaken, but I think you get his point. Brad is no Romo(maybe 10-12 years ago).

  2. Joe Says:

    LOL oar.

    Joe just thought it was amusing Chucky would forget that touchdown by Johnson since it came against a team coached by Chucky.

  3. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    is it to late to ask gruden to come back they are still paying him right?

  4. Paul Says:

    bucsfan, probably too late. But for hypothetical sake, If the Glazers do grovel back to him this season they likely will have to buy out his contract with MNF ESPN. With Gruden’s ego, he might actually say yes again to the Glazers if they kiss his arse enough.

    I’m also curious, Joe, when is Gruden’s contract expire? After this year or next? I thought he had a three year extension with 2009 being the 1st.

  5. Joe Says:

    Hi Paul:

    I’ll do some research. I was under the impression Gruden (and Bruce Allen’s) contract expired after the 2010 season.

  6. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    was it the rams or the vikings who fired a head coach and then rehired him in the 70’s

  7. oar Says:

    bucsfan, Both did. The Vikings re-hired Bud Grant in the 80’s and St Louis re-hired Chuck Knox in the 90’s(his first stint was in the 70’s)

  8. Sgt Mike Says:

    Hell, we could bring back John Mckay and get better than we are now! RIP The Original Old Crusty Ball Coach.

  9. JK Says:

    Yeah Sgt Mike, let’s dig up Culverhouse and prop him up as owner. He would be just as good as we got now.

  10. BigMacAttack Says:

    I’m sorry, but I miss Chucky. With Chucky at the Wheel, I always felt we had a chance to win. Even with injuries and happy feet or Grads, I always felt we had a chance. Walking into the Stadium on Sunday, I knew there wasn’t a chance in hell we’d beat tha Giants. JJ gives us hope, but Gruden gave us credibility.

  11. Ure Clewless Joe Says:

    Joe needs to learn what throwing someone under a bus is

  12. Paul Says:

    BigMacAttack, I can’t agree with you more. It’s hard enough to win in the NFL even with a great coach and talented players. But to try to win in the NFL with an unqualified, extremely inexperienced head coach and young, mediocre players, well all I can say is you can really see the hopelessness in the eyes of the players last Sunday agaisnt the G-Men. That hopelessness was to me the most difficult thing to watch last Sunday.

  13. Karl Says:

    We always had hope to to win when Monte Kiffen walked HIS deffence on the field……… was never Gruden’s offence that made me feel like we had a chance to win.

  14. Gorder Says:

    nice 😀