“Career Backup” Now The Bucs Starter

September 28th, 2009

OK, as the immortal Ricky Ricardo would say, someone’s “got some ‘splainin’ to do.”

Not that long ago, Raheem the Dream talked about how Josh Johnson is a “career backup.” Those are Raheem the Dream’s own words; not Joe’s. After that glorified high school junior varsity performance the Bucs turned in yesterday, Raheem the Dream was adamant that Byron Leftwich was not nor should be the scapegoat. Joe tended to agree.

So less than 24 hours after getting testy with the normally soft local fourth estate for even suggesting that Johnson may be the starter — whoops! Johnson is the starter.

Forgive Joe but something smells fishy here. Either this is an absolute panic move or someone within the walls of One Buc Palace is telling (ordering?) Raheem the Dream who to start. Joe finds it difficult to believe that Raheem the Dream came up with this on his own given his comments about Johnson.

Basically, Raheem the Dream is admitting he made a mistake in naming Leftwich the starter and after three weeks he’s throwing in the towel?

In an article by Anwar Richardson of the Tampa Tribune, Raheem the Dreams claims it’s time to make changes.

“The secret’s out of the bag – this is a young team,” he said. “And we have to look at all young players and see what they’re going to be, what they’ve got the opportunity to be.”

Wait a minute, like Raheem the Dream didn’t know this before?

Something smells about this move to Joe. Now, don’t get Joe wrong. He’s not saying it’s a bad move. It just flies against everything Raheem the Dream has talked about for the past few weeks.

Joe doesn’t believe this move was Raheem the Dream’s call. Either he had to be talked into it by offensive coordinator Greg Olson or some players or Raheem the Dream was ordered to make the move.

If it’s the latter, which is entirely possible, Joe would like to know who gave the order?

UPDATE: Raheem the Dream also announced that Josh Freeman will be the Bucs No. 2 quarterback and Leftwich has been demoted to No. 3.

14 Responses to ““Career Backup” Now The Bucs Starter”

  1. phil Says:

    i think this move was forced by ownership. the fans were abondoning ship with leftwich at qb, and this move gives us something to look forward to. i think its a good move. we were going nowhere fast with leftwich, and jj showed a lot of poise for someone who hasnt had reps all off-season and during the season. it would be stupid to not see what this kid has.

  2. james from dunedin Says:

    Looks like its panic time at One Buc Palace

  3. Buc Fan South Tampa Says:

    As I was at the game yesterday I wanted to share some observations of the Bucs sidelines. During one of the many three and outs, Antonio Bryant was on the sideline venting (yelling, waving arms and helmet) at one of the Asst Coaches, he kept pointing to the field and back to the bench (at Leftwich). After the coach kept nodding up and down, Bryant walked away, screaming still waving his arms. Just a bit later, Giants were at 3d and 12…Leftwich gets up off the bench and goes over to the sideline, towel around his head. Manning connects to a receiver and converts the down. Leftwich leaves the sidelines and walks back to the bench and sits down, wrapping same towel around his head. Fat, Lazy, Sorry, No-talent Quarterback.
    Yesterday was a classic case of players not playing for the coach. They gave up, no matter how much Ian Beckles can say players dont quit…they quit. Ian, some day please go to a game so you can see what is really going on with the teams here in Tampa. Brandon Jacobs WALKED into the endzone, being watched by Will Allen and others..the only person who tried to stop him was Ruud. That was beyond sorry, that was disgusting football. More to follow….

  4. Joe Says:

    Bucs Fan South Tampa:

    Thanks for the report! Of course, one can see so many things while baking in the Florida sun at a Bucs game that you cannot on TV.

    Such as the woman who attempted to gain access to the pirate ship by displaying her jewels.

  5. BigMacAttack Says:

    Good assessment Buc Fan in South Tampa. I was there too and thought Leftwich looked like a tired old wreck off the field. He looked and played as if he was hungover with no sleep. I know that look, with the towel.

    Re: JoeCartoon.com / Superfly. “Oh my freakin head. I’m so wasted…”

    Great news for JJ. This may just lift the team up out of the cellar.

  6. Greg Says:

    The bigger concern is how late it took to decide on Leftwitch in the first place. Week three of the preseason I belive? The two other first rounders were preped to be starters or at least challenge for it since being drafted. Both Stafford and Sanchez are starting. Makes me wonder if Freeman has this big of a learning curve should he have been a first rounder or are we that bad at development?

  7. Joe Says:

    The two other first rounders were preped to be starters or at least challenge for it since being drafted. Both Stafford and Sanchez are starting. Makes me wonder if Freeman has this big of a learning curve should he have been a first rounder

    Ding… ding… ding… ding… ding!!!

  8. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Can someone please ‘spain what a carrer backup is?

    Now a Career Back I know but a Carrer? Is that someone related to David Carr?

  9. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Greg wrote: “or are we that bad at development?”

    Greg the Bucs are GREAT at development. I mean where else can a person go from quality film to Defensive Co-ordinator to Head Coach in less than 30 days?

    Or how about going from QB coach to Offensive Coordinator in a weekend?

    The Bucs are Great at Developement! OOPS Now that I think about those situations maybe ADVANCEMENT rather than DEVELOPMENT would be the better choice of words.

    Well at least me know affirmative action is alive and well in Tampa! 😉

  10. Bucked Up Says:

    With Freeman slotted at number 2 and the effectiveness of the “offensive” line taken into consideration, Some bucs fans may get their wish and see Freeman behind the wheel before they realize it. Lets hope they play better with JJ behind center. Hainsworth injury may prove big on Sunday.

  11. Phil a '76 Buc Says:

    Lost in all the frustration has been the performance of no. 51. Barrett Rudd you are a man among boys!

  12. leningan Says:

    did anyone else notice that during injury and tv timeouts, Josh Johnson would stand in the huddle, only to return to the sidelines once the play clock resumed? was this to confuse the Giants? calm the apparently angry Bryant? or give leftwich time to discuss the (non) adjustments with olsen?

  13. RastaMon Says:

    Panthers going for their 2nd

  14. Sgt Mike Says:

    It’s not the first time we have promoted a QB coach to coordinator. Just not as fast. I think it was 30 days for Clyde “The Buffoon” Christianson. Ultimately another straw in the camels back for Dungy.