Caddy The Starter

September 8th, 2009

In the purported running backs rotation that Joe believes is largely a smokescreen, the Bucs are listing Cadillac Williams as their starter.

Allegedly, he’ll play two series. Then Derrick Ward will get two. Then Earnest Graham one. And then the Bucs will do it all over again.

Hooray for Cadillac. But last Joe checked Cadillac is not much of a receiver out of the backfield and Ward and Graham are. Cadillac also seems to be less of the downhill, one-cut runner that allegedly succeeds in the zone blocking system.

Let’s hope the Bucs’ offensive minds have really seen enough of Cadillac in practice and in just seven preseason carries to make this call.

3 Responses to “Caddy The Starter”

  1. mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe several questions:

    1. What makes you think the Bucs will continue with former coach Jags zone blocking system?

    2. Backs catching out of the backfield are only necessary if there’s a passing game in the first place – besides I think Morris wants a VERTICAL game and not the back checkdown – why else have Bryon at the helm?

    3. What’s more important winning or selling those tickets? Caddy’s a fan favorite – it makes for a good underdog story and that sells. From a Glazer’s perspective you need airtime for ticket sales – once they get the fans in the stands they’ll worry about the score (yeah sad but true! If it bleeds it leads)

  2. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Mr. Lucky,

    To answer you, in order.

    1) No reason to think they won’t go with the zone scheme at least for a while. Mangurian the O-Line coach is still here, and Faine and others have said publicly that they feel the scheme is a better fit for the personnel.

    2) Regardless of the vertical passing game, there’s almost always a checkdown available. And they can still just throw to these guys out of the backfield. Looking back at Olson, Stephen Jackson caught 90 balls his first season in St. Louis with quite a vertical passing attack

    3) Wins sell the most tickets.

  3. UfoJoe Says:

    Caddy’s pass catching has markedly improved from what I have seen. But it’s a small sample size.