Byron Leftwich A Heat Victim?

September 13th, 2009

Just before the Bucs went for it on fourth down, Dave Moore on the Bucs radio network noted that Bryon Leftwich is totally shot, likely drained from the heat.

Joe was under the impression playing in the searing Florida heat was supposed to be the Bucs advantage, that Dallass was supposed to be wilting, not the Bucs.

So far Clayton needed an IV and Leftwich is out of it. What gives?

3 Responses to “Byron Leftwich A Heat Victim?”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Please Raheem put in Josh Johnson for the remaining 3:57!

  2. paul Says:

    For what? Leftwich and the offense played a hell of a game…and dave moore has been wrong all day…leftwich got drilled 4 times in a row..heat had nothing to do with him gettin up slow..and its the 1st game of the year of course they are gonna need I.v’s..

  3. Pete Says:

    No way ,Leftwich got crushed as paul said on that whole drive and stayed in like a pro. He put the 4th down pass in the recievers hands? It would have been a first down + more. Leftwich was better than I expected him to be.