Bucs Hope There’s A Giant Slayer In The Backfield

September 26th, 2009

Derrick Ward's a Buccaneer now. And Bucs defensive coordinator Jim Bates is acting like Ward has unlocked the secrets of the Giants' universe.

If you head over to Buccaneers.com and watch Jim Bates’ Wednesday news conference, the old guy in charge of the defensive mess finally cracks a big old grin when asked about how much running back Derrick Ward is helping him prepare to play the Giants on Sunday.

He acknowledges Ward’s intelligence and can’t stop smiling. The smiles stood out for Joe because Bates has so little to be happy about.

If a player can really significantly help coaches prepare against a former team — in this case Ward was a Giant for years — then it seems Ward is the ideal guy to get the job done for the Bucs in a big way. He’s consistently lauded for being a smart, detail-oriented dude.

The New York Post and members of the Giants think Ward’s knowledge will be a factor, as well.

“An outstanding student of the game,” was the way Tom Coughlin described the former Giants running back.

“I plead the fifth, that’s all I can tell you about that,” Ward said yesterday, chuckling, about how much his presence can help the Bucs. “It’s only obvious, I played there for five years against that defense every day in practice.”

This is not akin to the Redskins picking up former Giants practice squad quarterback Andre Woodson the week before the season opener. Ward was a popular and integral member of the Giants, and there is no detail he won’t be able to impart to his new team.

Joe was pleased to hear Raheem The Dream say Ward will get the start on Sunday, if for no other reason than he’s the healthiest of the running backs. Cadillac Williams [knee soreness not related to his major surgeries] and Earnest Graham [hamstring] have made the injury report.

2 Responses to “Bucs Hope There’s A Giant Slayer In The Backfield”

  1. Tye Says:

    Well then here is to HIGH, HIGH Hopes…. CHEERS!

  2. JK Says:

    The Bucs beating the Giants! Now that’s a laugh. The Glazers will win today because there are plenty of New York transplants to fill the stadium. It sure seems suspicious that on a year they gutted the Bucs the schedule actually favors the Glazers. Dallas was the first game. Enough following to fill the stadium. Giants today, same result. One home game in England, again a sellout no matter what our record is. Also don’t forget the kids are 39 million to the good going in this season.