Bucs Fan In Buffalo

September 25th, 2009

Loyal JoeBucsFan.com reader “Paul” shot Joe a link to this homemade video at the Bucs-Bills game last week. Joe’s never met Paul, but he’d enjoy drinking a Caybrew with him one day.

This poor guy was hammered wearing his Bucs orange in the nosebleed section of Buffalo’s old stadium. That’s dedication.

Now Joe has run other interesting fan videos before. So why not one from this devoted member of Bucs nation, especially entering a big football weekend. The video made Joe laugh. And Joe suspects “Paul” is very typical of the tens of thousands of readers of JoeBucsFan.com.


  • One Response to “Bucs Fan In Buffalo”

    1. Heather Says:

      I happen to know Paul very well and he is the most dedicated and loyal Bucs fan I have ever known.

      Awesome video and go Bucs!!!!!