Bryant Back On The Field

September 1st, 2009

Studying the players actually playing in preseason games and agonizing over the quarterback “competition” left Joe forgetting about Antonio Bryant, arguably the surprise story of the NFL last year.

Bryant and his can barely get by on my$10 million contract was back on the field yesterday following knee surgery, and he’s on track to start on opening day.

” I don’t know what percent he is right now, but he’s getting close, getting real close. And he made it through a whole practice,” Raheem The Dream said in his post-practice news conference Monday.

Upon hearing the news, Joe cracked a smile, exhaled and felt like he had just savored an El Capitan Maduro.

Bryant is a such a major piece of the Bucs ‘offense, it’s almost scary. Joe doesn’t count on Michael Clayton to perform at a high level. And the No. 3 receiver will be an unproven peformer no matter who wins the job.

A huge game for Bryant against Dallas would be incredible for his confidence and the success of the offense.

One Response to “Bryant Back On The Field”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    I now know why Bryant had that knee surgery done – Morris told Bryant that Leftwich was going to be the starting QB

    The surgery was to install jackscrews into Bryant’s legs so that he can jump an extra 10 inches to catch those Byron passes.