2009 To Be A Brutal Year For Bucs

September 7th, 2009
Not many people believe Raheem the Dream can point the Bucs to the playoffs this season.

Not many people believe Raheem the Dream can point the Bucs to the playoffs this season.

Not too many people outside of One Buc Palace (and Joe presumes privately, not too many people inside One Buc Palace) are expecting the Bucs to sniff the playoffs.

Count Clark Judge of CBSSports.com among the disbelievers. Judge, in his NFC South preview, believes the division to be quite strong with the exception of one club. Yup. The team that plays at the CITS.

(Joe just knows someone will ask, “What’s the CITS?” The search function in the left margin is a wonderful feature.)

This is a start up, with new players, a new coach and a new identity. The Tampa Bay Bucs used to be Derrick Brooks’ team — now they’re Morris’ club, and I don’t know what that means until they suit up and play. What I do know is they can’t survive in this division with the guys they have starting — not now they can’t. But this is a process, and the process is just beginning.

Joe is of the belief the Bucs could surprise some teams if there’s a semblence of a passing attack. If not, it will be a long season.

5 Responses to “2009 To Be A Brutal Year For Bucs”

  1. Jolly Rodger Says:

    If the Bucs can run the ball effectively, thus eating the clock, they can keep the defense fresh and flying. With a few spash plays in the passing game, the Bucs can win some games, but I agree with Joe, I don’t think they will come close to the playoffs this year and probably not next.

    It is amazing to me that this is the same team that was 9-3 just nine months ago and in line for home field throughout the playoffs. Actually, its not the same team.

    Ahhh well, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.

  2. Pete Says:

    Just like Peter King these guys are making only slightly more educated guesses than flipping a coin. If they had the formula they would not be sports writers they would be sport gamblers, and darn successful ones.

    Probably he is correct but pre-season predictions are simply to sell papers. (or other media communications)

  3. Crotchity McGee Says:

    Despite bleak forecasts don’t lose sight this is the N.F.L. Remember the Falcons heading into last off-season? There are undeniable parallels. Dealt with Petrino fiasco in ’07 (even Gru departing wasn’t as dramatic as that debacle), went through a litter of awful QB’s including Manwich/Joey Palpitations/C.Redman (Garcia, Griese, McCown were a better lot) turned the page to a rookie H.C. with the looks and lingo of a used car salesman in Mike Smith (Rah might just pull off cash for clunker deal with his ramblings) and rookie G.M. in Dimitroff (Dom-inator) who’s big moves were to sign a carrer backup RB in Turner (Ward) and the Matt Ryan pick (see Abe Fro-man) after which all the “experts” had them 1-15 at best. So much for predicting the future. Let it all play out and you just might be surprised. At the very least we may see this team come together late in the year and start to build momentum and cohesion for 2010 and beyond.

  4. BigMacAttack Says:

    No surprise with this guy’s prediction, but he was right in saying that we don’t know what’s up until they take the field. That may be the smartest thing said by any prognosticator yet.

    BMA prediction:

    Bucs 24 – Cowboys 10

    Buc defense will sack Romo 5 times.

    Derrick Ward 120 yds rushing

  5. Steve Says:

    What’s the CITS?