“Leadership, Skill Set And Mental Approach”

August 19th, 2009

Raheem The Dream said the starting quarterback must have standout leadership, skill set and mental approach.

Might Raheem The Dream flip-flop on his starting quarterback decision after it’s made next week?

No chance, so Raheem The Dream told the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, Steve Duemig, on 620 WDAE-AM on Tuesday.

Raheem The Dream said his three key factors for picking a starter are “leadership, skill set and mental approach to the game.”

“When we pick the guy, I gotta say that’s the guy,”  he said.  The head coach went on to explain that the final decision on a starter is his and it’s not in his makeup to name a starter and retain any thoughts of making a change.

Joe believes Raheem The Dream on all but one point: when the Bucs actually name a starter. In Joe’s eyes, it’s quite likely that the Bucs will wait another week if Luke McCown outplays Bryan Leftwich against Jacksonville, or both quarterbacks stink up the field.

There’s no reason not to be sure.

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