“What Next?”

August 21st, 2009

One of the co-founders of this Bucs-related slice of cyberspace will always be indebted to Joe Henderson of the Tampa Tribune. No need for details other than to say one of the founders of this site has the utmost respect and gratitude for what Henderson has done for him in the past — and has told Henderson as much in private conversations.

And this Joe, of JoeBucsFan.com, has always enjoyed Henderson’s voice of reason-type columns in the Tribune.  So this Joe, of JoeBucsFan.com, nearly had his eyes pop out of his head this morning when he read Henderson’s column about troubled Bucs cornerback Aqib Talib and his recent late-night hassle with a cabbie.

The emotion if not anger Henderson poured into his column was an attention-getter. Rarely, maybe never, has Joe, of JoeBucsFan.com, read a Henderson piece where he came out swinging like this.

Not only did it make Joe, of JoeBucsFan.com, sit up straight in his chair, Joe, of JoeBucsFan.com, wondered if he had missed his morning coffee and sleepily stumbled upon a Phil Mushnick piece in error.

It’s an ongoing thing, and it’s getting worse. A few months ago he injured defensive back Torrie Cox while swinging his helmet at tackle Donald Penn in practice. He has a history of failed drug tests and questionable judgment.

Now this.

What’s next?

“They’ve all been little things, they’ve all been problems that you’ve got to deal with,” Coach Raheem Morris said, but that’s insulting and fogs the issue. Individually, perhaps, Talib’s offenses are “little things” – although I suspect that cabbie David Duggan might argue that having his head rabbit-punched while trying to drive Talib safely to his destination doesn’t qualify as a “little thing.”


Look, this forum downright crucified Talib for rearranging Torrie Cox’s face with a helmet-wielding assault. And for good reason. If someone tried that stunt on the sidewalk they’d be locked in a cage, rightfully so.

That written, Joe, of JoeBucsFan.com, was also kind to Talib in an article posted earlier this morning because Talib was kind enough to give Joe a few moments of his time last Saturday in Nashville. Readers will notice no potshots were taken.

While the author of this post is inclined to believe the cabbie — just based on Talib’s history it’s a plausable story — right now we’re looking at a he said/he said situation. No bruise or injury of any sort is apparent in the  cabbie’s video. Were there any motorists who also called FHP or 911 to report a swerving cab, as the cabbie claims happened?

And who exactly were these mystery men riding in the cab with Talib? Didn’t the state troopers get any IDs? If not, why not?

Again, just based on Talib’s history, the cabbie’s story is believable.

If this cabbie’s story is true, that he was sucker punched while driving down the road, swift and severe action needs to be taken on Talib since this issue apparently has been handed off to NFL warden commissioner Roger Goodell.

But this Joe, of JoeBucsFan.com, would like to wait to confirm every word that the cabbie has spoken is accurate.  If the cabbie’s story is true, enough is enough with this Talib (although he gets brownie points for calling a cab in the first place).

One Response to ““What Next?””

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Hey I’ve got an ideal of what to do with Talib – Trade him to Oakland for Jamarcus Russell.

    We need a QB and Oakland needs someone who can fight with Tom Cable!