“This Is Leftwich’s Team”

August 22nd, 2009

Good guy Rick Brown, aka Backwards Hat, the Bucs beat writer for the Lakeland Ledger, looks to be the first local scribe to call the quarterback competition over.

Brown says it’s obvious to those around the team daily.

First-year head coach Raheem Morris said he won’t declare a starter until Monday at the earliest, but the writing has been on the wall for a long time – this is Leftwich’s team.

From the first day of training camp, you could sense something special between “Lefty” and the rest of the team. He has this swagger, this confidence. He is a natural leader, one that has already commanded the respect of the offense.

You see him constantly talking to his teammates, teaching, listening, learning. You see that boyish grin that suggests he knows something no one else knows. And despite his slow, windup delivery, Leftwich has a powerful arm and throws a nice deep pass, the likes of which haven’t been seen around Tampa Bay in years.

It all adds up to him being the best fit for the Bucs.

It’s not like McCown has had a bad camp. He is the ultimate professional and has the respect of the entire organization.

But tonight should be the coronation of what we already know. Barring injury, Leftwich will be the Bucs’ starting quarterback.

Joe doesn’t buy it.

Yes, it seems Leftwich is the betting favorite in the minds of the coaches, based on their recent quotes. But Lefwich hardly had a stellar performance against Tennessee. Surely, the coaches saw some big uglies in the film room.

McCown still has a shot.

9 Responses to ““This Is Leftwich’s Team””

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    I finally figured out the QB situation in Tampa – it’s merely a reflection of the Presidental status in our country.

    McCown is like McCain and Leftwich is like Obama

    Neither one is really good for the team/country

    But when people look at Byron they just “feel good” that he can lead the team while Luke may be a nice guy but you just don’t get that “vibe”

    Just like the current political situation don’t look at the specifics – the stumbling, dropped passes and inability to get things done just go with the flow.

  2. Tye Says:

    Mr. Lucky, That is a great point and a good comparison!

    I was looking at a site that had the Bucs ranked 29th in the league going into the season and I 1st thought now the Bucs can’t be that bad but after 2nd thought, Yeah, Leftwich could make them that bad! It bogles my mind that a QB can have so many flaws and has had so many chances in his career to improve and HASN”T and a coach would look at him and decide to sign him. That doesn’t reflect his intelligence in a possitive way.

  3. Mr. Lucky Says:

    All I can say is this: I was a Luke McCown proponent from the beginning. I publicall said there was no reason to get Cutler because McCown would come thru.

    I said that Byron was nothing more than a smokescreen and said very confidently that Luke would win the starting job.

    From what I’ve read and what I saw from preseason game 1 – I was wrong.

    I held onto an image that i had or better yet, what I wanted luke McCown to live up to. While other people pointed out FACTS I refused to believe and just rationized my “ideas”.

    After watching Luke’s actions last week I have to admit to myself – Luke isn’t a starting QB in the NFL and he’s NOT the best for the Bucs.

    Now I know people will say, “it was just 1 quarter of 1 preseason game” and I agree. On Luke’s first pass it wasn’t Luke’s fault but Stovall’s who ran the wrong route. But it was Luke’s PRESENCE in the pocket the happy feet and constant “deer in the headlight” look. The biggest knock was his throwing the ball instead of just taking the sack – that should have been a turnover except for the facemask.

    My point is this – sometimes we sports fans have to face facts and reality. It doesn’t make us any less of a fan to admit we were wrong and it’s ok to change your mind. I know I have.

  4. Tye Says:

    I can’t say much about the other 3 QBs but WE have seen plenty of Leftwich to know that he is mediocre, IF THAT, and if he is the best that the Bucs have then it shows the lack of intelligence of the GM, scouts, Coach and whoever else was envolved at signing these posers and they should be held accountable IF their decisions make the Bucs the laughing stock of the NFL.

  5. Jorge Says:


    I’m sure you think B Griese was a much better option…What about the geniuses that signed and started him…

    It all proves that as much as we know about football it pales in comparison to what the professionals are scouting…It looks clear and cut on TV, but in the film room when the hundreds of variables in every 10-15 second play is accounted for they see and know things we will never know…

  6. Sgt Mike Says:

    Jorge: Those who don’t learn from there mistakes are bound to repeat them. What we have now is no better than Griese so what’s the difference between then and now? The new regime gutted the team for better or worse. Thin at linebacker we cut Brooks and June. Wasn’t june leading the other linebackers on the team in tackles. Not sure but I know he was close. Let’s just hope that if we really suck this year that we still have enough up and coming talent to lure Cowher or Shanahan or somebody who can get the job done. Both were perrenial winners. I would like to get back to that. Being away from Tampa I get hammered when I talk about the Buc’s, kinda like we did before Dungy turned the franchise around.

  7. BigMacAttack Says:

    Have faith Sgt Mike. Fire back at em. At least we don’t have a Billion$ Stadium with $200 Million TV that blocks punts because it hangs too low, like the Cowgirls. If you get a chance, check out Garner State Park or ride the rapids on the Guadalupe River while your there in Texas.

  8. Jorge Says:

    Garbage Sgt Mike, pure and simple…Not winning a playoff game since 2002, garbage…Cato June, He missed more plays than he made…

  9. Sgt Mike Says:

    Then I guessed others missed more. He still led the linebackers in Tackles. That my friend is a fact. Would you like to talk about Crowells stats over the last couple of years or even in the preseason. I’m just saying that knee-jerk reactions complicated my bad longterm decisions are still plagueing this team. It’s time kick up the scouting and player personel a notch or two.