Raheem The Dream’s Language Saved Bucs

August 3rd, 2009
The Bucs lucked out in not signing face-stomper Albert Haynesworth because he didnt like Raheem the Dreams vocabulary.

The Bucs lucked out in not signing face-stomper Albert Haynesworth because he didn't like Raheem the Dream's vocabulary.

Last week Joe Henderson of the Tampa Tribune detailed how the word “rebuilding,” though appropriate if not accurate with the Bucs this season, is heinous to Raheem The Dream.

There’s a reason for that. Because that word cost him and the Bucs face-stomper Albert Haynesworth. Thankfully.

The Redskins defensive tackle was a free agent, coveted by many teams. The Bucs had offered him more cash, so claims SI.com’s Peter King, but when Haynesworth met with Raheem the Dream he was scared off when Raheem the Dream dropped the R-word.

Defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth looks very big and very happy after his first practice day in camp with the Redskins. He should be happy after signing a contract that will pay him $48 million over the next four years to be the centerpiece of the Redskins’ D. But I’ve heard a few things recently about the crazy negotiating night that lead to Haynesworth going to Washington instead of Tampa Bay.

You might remember that first night of free-agency. The Redskins initially thought the price for Haynesworth was too high and arranged to send their team plane to pick up Chris Canty, the best defensive end on the market, at his home in Charlotte. Tampa Bay actually offered Haynesworth more money — slightly more. But then Haynesworth heard the “R” word from Bucs coach Raheem Morris. Rebuilding. The Bucs might go through a year or two of struggle before being back atop the division, and Haynesworth, already seven years into his career, wasn’t signing up for that. So back the flip-flop went, talks were rekindled with Washington, and here he came.

Far as Joe is concerned the R-word should be a standard word used in Raheem the Dream’s vocabulary if this is the result. Raheem the Dream’s use of the R-word saved the Bucs millions of dollars. Haynesworth, though talented, is way overrated and currently overpaid.

Luckily, that’s Danny Snyder’s problem now.

Raheem the Dream’s choice in vocabulary is so unique, Joe wonders if he learned the alphabet song from these three famed professors of literature?

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