Raheem Channels Chucky With Plan For RBs

August 26th, 2009
Man, Raheem. Im proud as heck. Thats one elaborate line of BS.

"Man, Raheem. I'm proud as heck. That's one elaborate line of BS."

Joe got a good laugh today reading about Raheem The Dream’s plan to rotate three running backs this season with methodical precision.

TampaBay.com spills the details.

The plan works like this: The starting running back would play two series, followed by another back taking the next two series, with the third back playing a single series. Then, the routine starts all over again. The back who receives a single series would be used for situational plays where his strengths can be taken advantage of (i.e. short yardage, third down, etc), thereby getting him a little more involved.

Ha. Ha. Ha. This is too funny. Very Chucky, Raheem.

Chucky would be the kind of guy who would come up with such an elaborate piece of nonsense to try to confuse opponents’ preparation. Hey, it’s worth a shot.

Joe knows the Raheem and the Bucs are going to play the hot running back, or the guy who best suits the down and distance, or the play-call. Anything else is just a pile of hooey.

2 Responses to “Raheem Channels Chucky With Plan For RBs”

  1. Tye Says:

    Everytime I hear Raheem’s interviews or read about something he has said I am more and more convinced that he is not worried about what successful coaches have done in the past or learning from them but that Raheem’s style is just making it up as he goes. Seems like an Insane way to run a muti-billion dollar organization!

  2. OAR Says:

    I don’t think he was BS’ing Joe.