Pewter Statues

August 10th, 2009

One of Joe’s favorite things at One Buc Palace is the statues in the lobby commemorating the Bucs Super Bowl win.

Apparently, they also are eye-catching for Damon Hack of In his “Postcard From Camp,” Hack talks about how the pewter statues impressed him.

Joe knows those statues would make an impression upon any Bucs fan.

Walking into the lobby of the Bucs practice facility, I was struck by the colorful scene before me. The orange and white helmets the team first wore in the 1970s. A large photo of Doug Williams, dropping back to pass. At the front of the room, nine life-sized pewter statues recalled Tampa’s Super Bowl victory following the 2002 season: Jon Gruden, Barber, Brooks, Brad Johnson, Mike Alstott, Shelton Quarles, Lynch, Sapp and Rice, each in various forms of celebration. (Only Barber remains on the roster). Gruden is throwing an upper cut in exaltation. Brooks is regal. Sapp’s mouth is open. It’s a perfect snapshot of a team’s run to a title.

Joe wonders what the Bucs will do if they win another Super Bowl or two? That lobby would get awful crowded with all the pewter statues.

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