Monte Kiffin Still Has Tampa On His Mind

August 10th, 2009

Monte Kiffin was more of a fixture on the Bucs than Father Dungy or Chucky. He was here before Chucky and lasted longer than Father Dungy. Only until his last four games with Tampa bay could anyone suggest his defenses stunk worse than a three-day old fish.

(The had such positive feedback Joe for using that fish one-liner during a live interview on 620 WDAE-AM with good friend Justin Pawlowski on Saturday, Joe decided to use it again today).

So even though Kiffin has moved on to work with his son Lane at the University of Tennessee, Kiffin still is keeping his Tampa connections strong. John Lynch even finvisited Kiffin at Knoxville.

Martin Fennelly of the Tampa Tribune caught up with Kiffin recently and Kiffin talked Bucs football.

Monte Kiffin is always showing Tennessee players Bucs film.

“We look at quite a bit of Warren Sapp, Brooks and John Lynch,” he said. “We show a lot of our scheme. Of course, we’re not going to play as much Tampa 2, that’s for sure.”

Kiffin even spoke out on what he feels about Chucky, Raheem the Dream and Derrick Brooks among other subjects.

One Response to “Monte Kiffin Still Has Tampa On His Mind”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    I hate to say this …BUT…

    The Tampa 2 won’t fly in college.

    Tennessee is going to be getting a Florida CHOMP!!!!!!