Maurice Stovall’s Tight Pants

August 12th, 2009

Not sure how many people have been to One Buc Palace for training camp but for those that haven’t, the set up is beautiful. Fans are so close to the field they can virtually touch the players. Whoever is responsible deserves a raise from Bryan and Joel, if not a promotion.


Joe just happened to have been chatting with Tampa Tribune beat writer Woody Cummings when a fan stood near us. It was clear the fan recognized Cummings (he certainly didn’t know Joe). Joe realized this and stepped aside so the fan could speak with Cummings.

The fan had an unusual query: He asked Cummings why Maurice Stovall wore such tight pants.

Cummings clearly was befuddled, not knowing the answer to such a riddle. Then the fan looked at Joe and Joe offered that he wasn’t aware of any player wearing tight pants.

Though Joe understands some people are into such things, Joe has never spent two seconds studying the lower body attire of any NFL player and has no desire to do so. Joe suspects his hockey-crazed sister Amanda may be aware of Stovall’s fashion statement.

Joe does confess to occasionally monitor the lower garments worn by select Bucs cheerleaders when they prance before the crowds at One Buc Palace.

But such, um, sights weren’t enough for Joe to prod a Bucs beat writer for additional information.

Speaking of which, what’s with the black tails (?) the Bucs cheerleaders are wearing on their skirts this year? These tails (?) annoy Joe.

3 Responses to “Maurice Stovall’s Tight Pants”

  1. Amanda Says:

    For those concerned about Stovall’s pants,

    Though unable to observe said tight pants first hand (there’s a small…umm…ownership issue in Lightning land that’s consuming my energy at the moment), I believe the article of clothing in question is simply a pair of compression pants.

    They’re cut like a second skin, hence the rather “snug” fit that leaves little to the imagination. Most wear them to improve their performance and minimize muscle fatigue. Would guess they’re also good at wicking away moisture and preventing chafing.

    Definitely more function than fashion, though Dior Homme is showing skinny pants with a zippered calf for Fall 2009 should Mr. Stovall wish to translate the trend into an après-practice look.

  2. Mr. Media Says:

    Honey, I don’t recommend using “second skin” and “chafing” in the same paragraph

  3. RastaMon Says: