Mark Dominik Not Yet A Celebrity

August 9th, 2009

Bucs general manager Mark Dominik, though on the job for just about seven months, isn’t yet a household name in the Tampa Bay area unlike his two predecessors were.


Rich McKay and Bruce (Almighty) Allen were somewhat minor celebrities before they took over the reigns of the Bucs, thanks in large part to their lineage.

McKay’s father was legendary Bucs coach John McKay, the franchise’s first coach. Allen also had a heavy-hitting football name with his father being the late George Allen, Hall of Fame coach. It didn’t hurt Bruce Almighty’s street cred that his brother was also a U.S. Senator, George Allen, Jr.

Dominik has no such bloodlines. So some of the fans aren’t quite sure what to make of the well-tanned, fit guy with those piercing blue eyes and perpetual near-perfect haircut. He’s neither coach nor media member. But he must be somebody  important, right?

Saturday as the afternoon practice session was delayed and eventually canceled due to lightning, Dominik was signing autographs and chatting with a few fans. One young fan, after getting Dominik’s autograph, began to walk away but quickly turned around and asked Dominik, “What’s your name again?”

“Mark Dominik,” the Bucs general manager politely replied with a smile.

Moments later, Dominik looked at Joe and asked rhetorically, with a grin and his blue eyes glistening, “I wonder where I’m going to read about that?’

Dominik knows Joe all too well.

And yes, Dominik does read Joe, which humbles Joe a great deal.

Don’t worry Mark, if the Bucs make the playoffs under your guidance, Joe’s willing to bet scant few people in the Tampa Bay area will have to ask your name.

2 Responses to “Mark Dominik Not Yet A Celebrity”

  1. George C. Costanza Says:

    Dear Joe,
    Did he have at hello?

    Or was it Mr. Dominik’s glistening blue eyes?

  2. Joe Says:


    Those eyes will burn a hole in your head. Joe’s been on the wrong end of those eyes before.