Josh Johnson Not A Wildcat

August 17th, 2009
Could Josh Johnson make the Bucs due to his feet rather than his arm?

Could Josh Johnson make the Bucs due to his feet rather than his arm?

Last week at Bucs practice Anwar Richardson of the Tampa Tribune was thinking out loud of ways quarterback Josh Johnson could remain on the team.

Joe tossed out the novel suggestion that maybe Johnson could be sort of a “slash” type of player like Kordell Stewart was his first couple of seasons in Pittsburgh.

Joe generally refrains from using the term “wildcat” because in a wildcat offense, you basically have no quarterback. A running back sets up in a shotgun formation.

The wildcat originated at the University of Arkansas because the Razorbacks had crap for quarterbacks and Darren McFadden (and sometimes Felix Jones) could throw almost as well as Arkansas quarterback Casey Dick, so Razorbacks coaches decided to have McFadden and Jones line up at shotgun and run (or throw) out of that formation.

Johnson is a quarterback first, a running back second.

So when Joe watched Johnson run for a 43-yard touchdown on a busted play, Joe must have been thinking the same thing as Richardson: This may be Johnson’s future with the Bucs.

But Johnson told Richardson this type of offense is not for him.

“No,” Johnson said. “That’s a whole different thing.

“You got to go in there and bang with the defense and between the tackles… I never run in practice. I never ran in college. I’ve never been asked to run.”

Hey Josh, would a secure job of six-figures a year be enough to change your mind?

Not sure Raheem the Dream has thought about using such an offense, but it might be worth exploring.

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