“I Was Looking For Contact.”

August 2nd, 2009

The Associated Press, via NFL.com, has a way cool feature on Cadillac Williams who again has bounced back from a knee injury.

Cadillac talks about how gut-wrenching it was to blow his knee last year against Oakland just when he felt like he was the old Cadillac.

Six games into his comeback following a lengthy rehabilitation, the 27-year-old tore the patellar tendon in his left knee when he was tackled at the end of a 28-yard run during a season-ending loss to the Oakland Raiders.

“That Oakland game, I really felt things coming on. I was back in that comfort zone,” said Williams, who led the Bucs with four rushing touchdowns despite starting just one game — against the Raiders — last season.

“Coming back, everything was fast to me. The game was slowing down (against Oakland), I could see cuts before I would make them,” he added. “I was back.”

Joe just loves the fact Cadillac is back. Now Joe doesn’t expect him to be anywhere near what he was pre-knee injuries. But if Cadillac can be, say, 80 percent of what he was, he will be valuable coming off the bench and keeping Earnest Graham and Derrick Ward fresh.

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