Happy Birthday, Joe

August 7th, 2009

Click on this funny-looking picture to find where Joe will celebrate his birthday tonight with the Caybrew girls

It all started with a computer and a dream.

With a cold beer in hand a couple of years ago, Joe gazed at his Rachel Watson poster and set out to craft the best way to serve Bucs nation a daily diet of news, commentary and fun in an edgy style so unique everyone would take notice.

Hence, JoeBucsFan.com was born.

The site would be the views of Joe, a beer-drinking, cheerleader-gawking hardcore fan who has written for countless newspapers and magazines, and knows a thing or two about football and the Bucs. After some testing, JoeBucsFan.com in all its glory launched one year ago today.

Somewhere, Rachel Watson is wishing Joe a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, Joe!

Yes, some people hate JoeBucsFan.com. And they love to share their views. To those haters Joe says, “Joe loves you, too. Thanks for caring. And perhaps you should check out the colorful magazine run by the Bucs bedfellows.”

Thankfully, though, Joe has thousands of loyal readers. Joe is flabbergasted just how many tens of thousands visit here every month. Joe raises a cold Caybrew to all of you.

As for the future, Joe promises that the current JoeBucsFan.com only scratches the surface of what’s in store.  

Joe will fire up a Bucanero and celebrate tonight alongside the sultry Caybrew girls at the Angry Pepper Waterside Smokeshack and Grill in Madeira Beach. You are all welcome to join him.

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