“Git Yer Free Tickets, Hee-yah!”

August 19th, 2009

Joe was out at One Buc Palace yesterday at a largely subdued Bucs practice. Seemed as though Santa Claus came with many gifts, among them were cloudy skies, nice breeze, no pads or helmets.

On top of that the Bucs largely worked on special teams for their final afternoon workout of training camp two-a-days.

The only things that jumped out at Joe were an interception by Aqib Talib when he cut in front of Kellen Winslow, and a routine catch made by Cadillac Williams out of the backfield. The play wasn’t significant but what got Joe’s attention was the way the crowd roared just because Cadillac touched the ball.

Cadillac is certainly a fan favorite.

Oh, and then there was this little item:

The Bucs were giving away game tickets. No, Joe has not had too many Caybrews (is there such a thing?). You read that correctly.

The Bucs were handing out free game tickets!

About halfway through the practice, Bucs employees, armed with handfuls of tickets to next week’s Miami game, began wandering through the stands asking, “Want any tickets?” If you said, “Yes,” you received a pair. If there was a family in attendance, the employees made sure each family member received a ticket.

The Bucs employees were handing them out as if members of a band were handing out flyers touting their next gig in Ybor City or at Jannus Landing.

This blew Joe’s mind. The Bucs employees must have dished out hundreds of tickets. Good tickets, too! Joe got sixth row in the 200 level.

What’s this tell Joe? First, it was an extremely generous and kind gesture by Bryan and Joel. Joe wants to thank them personally.

But this also tells Joe that fans should expect to see plenty of season ticket sales commercials during Saturday’s televised game from Jacksonville.

The free ticket giveaway for Joe was icing on the cake on what a wonderful camp it was for fans. Each day the players mingled with the fans and fans got as close to the practice fields as the coaches. Concessions were very reasonable, the facility easy to get in and out of, and, of course, the daily appearances by the cheerleaders.

Whoever was responsible for setting up Bucs training camp at One Buc Palace needs to get a raise or a promotion from Bryan and Joel. Job well done!

4 Responses to ““Git Yer Free Tickets, Hee-yah!””

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Yeah and it means that there are way too many unsold seats still remaining. It really is highway robbery to charge full fees when you only get to watch 2nd, 3rd and wanna be’s playing.

    I hope that when the NFL and players unit get together for the CBA discussions that talks of making it a 18 game season take root. Two preseason games is all a team really needs.

  2. JK Says:

    That’s great Joe! The highlight of your season. Enjoy, because that’s about it. I remember in the 80’s getting tickets for 8.00 and sitting where ever I wanted to. Of course the product on the field sucked and wasn’t worth much more than 8.00. So keep writing and thanking the Glazers of the great way they run this franchise and especially the way they don’t waste money. It something everyone in Tampa should be proud of. Just don’t bitch to much when we are at or near the bottom of the division this season. Just think of the money the Glazers didn’t waste and kept in their pockets. Business MEN of the year!

  3. michael dyer Says:

    Was praying i could get atleast 2 tickets to this game for free because these are my 2 favorite teams and Ive never been too a game before. Me and my girlfriend would absolutely have a blast. Be grateful as well. Michael Dyer devoted1n.dyer@yahoo.com

  4. Joe Says:


    Joe removed your phone number and replaced it with your e-mail address. Joe doesn’t believe you want your phone number out there because you never know what kind of freak is reading it.

    Joe is more than confident that if you go to the game you will have no problem whatsoever in getting two tickets. Shoot, you could probably walk up to the ticket window and get a pair.