Geno Hayes Learned From Derrick Brooks

August 5th, 2009
Linebacker Geno Hayes said that he learned how to be a professional by watching Derrick Brooks.

Linebacker Geno Hayes said he learned how to be a professional by watching Derrick Brooks.

When Geno Hayes played at Florida State he drew comparisons to another former stud linebacker who years earlier prowled the same real estate in Tallahassee: Derrick Brooks.

Among other reasons, Hayes was likened to the Bucs icon for wearing Brooks’ No. 10 Seminoles jersey and for his crazy speed.

Last year after being drafted by the Bucs, Hayes began to struggle a little before his injury. Nothing unusual, typical rookie blues.  So Hayes decided to turn to Brooks for inspiration, so reports good guy Backwards Hat, otherwise known as Rick Brown of the Lakeland Ledger.

“Last year was disappointing,” he said. “Right when I was starting to get in my groove, I was injured. But after hitting that brick wall, I learned a lot. I started watching film more. I sat back and watched (Derrick Brooks), Ruud and (Cato June) and how they went about playing the game. Now, I’m trying to be more of a professional.”

Joe is inspired just reading this. Backwards Hat also notes in his article that Hayes is playing so well in training camp, Hayes has been logging a number of snaps on the first team, strongside linebacker position.

Anyone really wonder why Joe was so upset Brooks was turned loose?

4 Responses to “Geno Hayes Learned From Derrick Brooks”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    No Joe, why WERE/ARE you upset about Brooks “forced retirement?” If you need any reminders just look at the tape from last year’s Raiders game and see if that jars your memory.

    What the Bucs should do is hire DB as their assistant linebackers coach. That way he [Brooks] can continue to mentor the Macks of the NFL.

  2. oar Says:

    Wow, you hear that all you players out there. You get an injured hamstring, expect to get released! Give me a break, Mr Rucky!

  3. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Oar, sorry but Derrick, who in my opinion is Mr. Bucs, demonstrated last year that his playing days were over.

    If I were the GM I would have let DB play out the remainder of his contract in a Bucs uniform and after the 2009 season had him retire in style and be inducted into the 2010 Ring of Honor, etc.,


    I believe that it was time to make the transition from DB to the new WIL. Would I have choosen Phillips to be the player – heck no. I would prefer to see Jermaine in the secondary but I’m not a coach or GM.

    What I do believe is this…DB would be a good assistant LB coach. In fact I think I recall that Joe reported the Bucs had offered DB a “management position” but DB felt he was still “player ready”.

    It sucks when you mentally feel you’re capable to performing to a certain level but the reality sets in that you aren’t. Ask Brett Farve about last season. He was good for the first 10 games then his arm/body gave out.

  4. oar Says:

    Mr Lucky, All I know is Brooks was not our defense’s problem last year. Except for the game he was injured. Injuries cause even young players to be unproductive, but what the heck as you put it, WE ARE NOT THE GM OR HEADCOACH.
    I do agree they should have let him finish his contract and/or at least let him compete in training camp, which Im sure he would have beat out some of these guys. And I also agree about Phillips, he should have been kept in the secondary, which I feel is where he will end up after a pre-season game or 2.