Game Highlights Of Bucs Win

August 23rd, 2009

Joe hasn’t forgotten those that may not have watched the game and for whatever reason have chosen not to have the NFL Network (a concept Joe simply cannot fathom).

First up are all of the game highlights. Second up is a package highlighting Josh Freeman.

Also, there is a video highlights package of Josh McCown. Then there are highlights of plays of the game by McCown and Freeman.

Raheem the Dream also offers his postgame comments and he speaks specifically in this video about the meaning of the win.

2 Responses to “Game Highlights Of Bucs Win”

  1. nicksbucfan Says:

    Well joe, i cant watch the game because im in NC. NFL network dont give the bucs no kind of love. Like last night i was watching the redskin and steelers game they showed clips of all other games (about 3 plays each) and then came the bucs…. the only thing they showed was Garrard heaving a pith deep for a TD. The bucs never get covered on NFL network…. No love……

  2. Joe Says:

    Hi Nick:

    Part of the reason the NFL Network “doesn’t cover the Bucs” is, right now, they are not making news.

    But the links Joe provided are probably more than the local Tampa Bay TV newscasts broadcast last night. So in truth, the NFL Network shows the Bucs as much love as the local stations.

    Also, the NFL Network replayed the game at 7 a.m. this morning. Each gameday Joe has a preview of the game. For preseason games Joe also provides when the NFL Network will replay the Bucs game. The NFL Network replays all preseason games.

    If the game is at a crazy time, you can always set your DVR/VCR.

    Thanks a lot for checking in with Joe from North Carolina. If you know of any Bucs fans up there, please make sure to tell them about Joe.