Chucky Debuts On BSPN Tonight

August 13th, 2009

If any Bucs fans are still pining for Chucky, relax. You can get your fill tonight.

Chucky makes his debut on BSPN’s Monday Night Football (though it’s Thursday night) when the Steelers host the Cardinals in a glorified scrimmage from last year’s Super Bowl foes.

Joey Johnston of the Tampa Tribune did not forget. He claims that BSPN had its sights set on Chucky for years.

Gruden has been on ESPN’s radar for a few years. Network officials always liked his news conferences, his accessibility, his quotable nature. When Gruden was out of work – and Tony Kornheiser asked out of the Monday night gig – it became a quick match.

Joe wonders how long it will take before he starts whining about injuries?

What’s the over/under on the first time Chucky says, “Bro,” or “Luv ya’ man.”

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