Boo-Birds Come Out For Leftwich

August 27th, 2009

just-joe-300x2657Bad overthrows. A fumble. Looking out of it. Drawing the RJS boo-birds.

All in one quarter.

Byron Leftwich can’t snap out of this. Can he?

Leftwich finished the first quarter 8-for-15 for 97 yards.

But probably the most important number isn’t on the stat sheet. He looked like a No. 2 quarterback.

21 Responses to “Boo-Birds Come Out For Leftwich”

  1. Danbucsfan Says:

    Wide open guys…you have to at least give them a chance to catch the ball.

    Yeah, blame the rain.

  2. Tye Says:

    Looks like the same old Leftwich from Jacksonville. Inconsistant! Got to hate that.

  3. Danbucsfan Says:

    Earnest Graham gettin’ it done!!

  4. Danbucsfan Says:

    Luke NOT gettin’ it done!!

  5. e2 Says:

    Wow, so I guess Antonio Bryant and Michael Clayton, our slated starters would have missed those balls too? Stoval, Clark, and Stroughter are not our starters Joe, news flash!! Anyhow, Byron had an excellent drive ( granted the lucky punt play ) and most importantly, had no INTs! Instead of hating on your team, why don’t u write an article /blog on how great Caddy looks an how Tampa may very well have our own version of Earth Wind and Fire RBBC? I love the site Joe, but fcuk man, you hate on every QB we have on the roster. Be a fan man, I hate having to defend my team against my own effin’ fan mates!!


  6. Danbucsfan Says:

    “Wow, so I guess Antonio Bryant and Michael Clayton, our slated starters would have missed those balls too?”

    Clayton for sure, Bryant would have had a hard time reeling them in as well.

    It’s not a hate thing, it’s a reality issue!!

    We need a QB who can make these plays, especially when the recievers are wide open.

  7. e2 Says:

    I just don’t think it’s fair to critique BL without all his weapons. Maybe those guys ran the rout wrong and missed their land marks, so he tried to make a play. I mean seriously, would you guys rather have Favre? Byron isn’t the future but he’s nice to have right now. Luke has sucked ever since he’s been in Tampa, and honestly, I liked Josh Johnson better ( pre Byron ).

    Just be thankful we do have Byron, it could be worse. Maybe even Vick. We should have entered the Vick raffle.

  8. Danbucsfan Says:

    “I just don’t think it’s fair to critique BL without all his weapons. ”

    Fair or not, it is not unreasonable to expect a QB to perform in mid season without his main weapons because of injuries.

    He had the benifit of the starting offensive line…that is as much a measure of his performance than anything. He had the time, and the open recievers, and he blew it!!

    He missed his mark, targets of opportunity if you will.

    None of the subsequent quarterbacks did much better…it does not bode well for the up-comming season.

  9. grumpy4669 Says:

    e2, did you even watch the same game the rest of us watched??? AB or MC couldn’t have caught those passes they were so overthrown! The final score very well would have been 10-3 if the Bucs hadn’t have gotten a lucky break on the blocked punt! And then you have the gall to get pissed at Joe and the rest of us for being mad at our worthless QBs who are at BEST 2nd or 3rd string QBs on every other team in the league??? I’ll give you that the running game was hitting on all cylinders tonight, because God knows that’s the only part of this offense that will do well this year, but if you think Clayton (the same moron that drops 4 passes for every 1 he catches) is the answer to Shitwich, then you are a fucking moron!

  10. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Guys come on…I thought that both Luke McCown and Byron Leftwich looked great tonight. I mean both QB’s put the ball right into their runners breadbasket on all those handoffs! I mean we didn’t have one fumble 2night did we? These QB’s are absolutely great at handing off the ball – THAT’S ABOUT IT!

  11. Tye Says:

    People that make excuses for Leftwich makes me wonder about them. AB isn’t 8 foot tall and neither if Clayton. The Bucs have some of the tallest receivers and leftwich was way over their heads.

    The troubling thing is for Leftwich, many receivers were open with one of those being in the endzone and Leftwich missed. Who wants to watch a season of that!

  12. Tye Says:

    Oh, and at this point, if Favre or Vick could have scored some TDs then yes I would have rather gotten them.

  13. leningan Says:

    of course we would all want lefty’s throws to be on the money, but i would certainly rather see the throws attempted and sailed high, than have the QB run backwards only to throw the ball into the ground … AGAIN! yeah leftwich had more time to decide, but was it that much more time. could it be that standing in the pocket and making the right reads (just not the best throws) gave the illusion of him having more time… probably not, but maybe??

  14. grumpy4669 Says:

    Leningan, I don’t think Shitwich bought more time standing in the pocket. I’m watching the replay on the NFL Network, and you can see Shitwich was getting much, much more time to throw the ball than McCown. Guess you’re right though in that with Shitwich, we don’t have to worry about him running backwards 20 yds than getting an intentional grounding because he can’t throw the ball over the line of scrimmage like McCown simply because Shitwich is so FAT defensive lineman can jog after him and catch him! We were lucky in that we got FOX’s 1st team in Buck and Aikman, and those two were apologizing for how sorry the game was in the middle of the 4th quarter! It simply amazes me that for as long as the Buccaneers have been in the league, they can’t draft or pick up a QB worth a shit to lead this team!!

  15. leningan Says:

    fair enough, and kudos (i guess) for putting yourself through that doozy again. Also, we’ve had QB’s worth shit! I seem to remember us drafting Craig Erickson and didn’t we pick up Ryan Leaf?… oh, wait worth “a” shit… yeah, we haven’t had that…

  16. grumpy4669 Says:

    Leningan, you just missed McCown getting interviewed on the sideline talking about how he felt “he didn’t do so bad out there” and you have Shitwich talking about how overall he “was pretty happy with his performance, I missed a couple, made a couple”. Why can’t these girls MAN UP and say “I sucked, I have much to improve on in order to help this team”. NOOOO, instead we get these shitheads along with Raheem the Bad Dream talking about how great everything is going!! This head coach and two QBs are LOSERS!!!

  17. leningan Says:

    I like Raheem… he’s just trying to stay positive. Garaunteed he is chewing out all QB’s after last night, or at least telling Olsen to… my favorite part about Raheem this preseason is how he challanges plays just to talk to the Referees. Classic! Last night he threw the flag on king of terds non-reception, and said (as I lip-read it) “F*ck it!, it’s preseason”.

  18. BigMacAttack Says:

    Yep we were in the stands leading the Boos for Lefty the loser. Couldn’t let a good op pass to let em know how we feel about that useless POS. He looks much better in Black and Gold. Luke was a joke. Make excuses about blocking or blitzing or whatever, but he couldn’t get it done period. And again, the Dolphins are worse than most of the teams they play this season. Tough sledding ahead. What made these Coaches sign Leftwich in the first place? or think he could play? He looked last night, last week, and before the same way he has looked throughout his career. Hello, wake up Raheem, this guy sucks. McCown isn’t much better. You should have drafted a D end or tackle and waited for a REAL QB next year.

  19. BigMacAttack Says:

    Grumpy, I really like the “Shitwich and Bad Dream” nicknames. Good job.

  20. e2 Says:

    “….. you have the gall to get pissed at Joe and the rest of us for being mad at our worthless QBs ”

    You’re damn right I have the gall to get pissed at you guys… Are you fans or haters? YES Byron over threw his WR at some crucial times ( 2 TDs )… It is an effin’ Pre Season game and he doesn’t even have his number 1 options out there moron! I seem to remeber last season in the Patriot’s camp, when Brady was not in the game for Pre Season ball, Cassell wasn’t all world either… He had over throws and mis reads all effin’ pre season. Hmmmm, he seem to have turned out just fine last season didn’t he? You know why Cassell looked like sh!t in the pre season last year, cause he wasn’t throwing to Moss and Welker, Maroney wasn’t in there blocking in the back field picking up some blitzers busting through the line rushing his passes….

    See I’m an NFL fan and I evaluate as many teams as I can when BUC’s news runs out. This type of crap can happen, that’s why you focus on the good drives Byron had AND note the fact that he had NO INTs!!!!

    It’s a shame that you call yourself true fans, you’re nothing more than fair weather fans who would be on Byron’s NUTS if and when he starts ballin’… Try being a fan and behind your team no matter what, it’s alot more respectable and fun….

    As for Joe, we’ve had our battles about, as he says “bust in waiting”… I love Joe’s site, but if I’m not allowed to express my opinions on what he writes and what you comment, then what’s the point? Rebuttle me all you want, I encourage it, but don’t be insulted cause I have an opinion… See I don’t take it as an insult from how you all comment, I take it as an insult that you all are ready to give up on your team… That’s bull sh!t, don’t try to hang the fcuk on when the wagon is in victory lane, like all those damn Falcon fans last season…. You should have seen those message boards: ” We need Vick” “Free Mike Vick” “Matt Ryan isn’t ready….” etc…

    …then look what happend, don’t be “that guy” okay… just be an effin’ loyal fan period..


  21. e2 Says:

    Buc Nation baby, Rise up!

    Our QB situation is like Healthcare in the US…. So what, you turning your back on America now?

    okay that was a bit much…. haha peace out BUc fans, u know u love the passion!