When Will Raheem The Dream Pull The Trigger?

July 21st, 2009
The fact Luke McCown, nor any of the Bucs quarterbacks have been name a starter, is the teams greatest concern.

The fact Luke McCown, nor any of the Bucs quarterbacks have been name a starter, is the team's greatest concern.

One of the big questions coming into training camp is clear: Who will be the Bucs quarterback come the Cowboys game in Week 1?

Joe’s not the only one to ask. In his column detailing the biggest questions for each team, Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com also looks at the Bucs quarterback situation.

Who starts at quarterback? Is it Byron Leftwich or Luke McCown? When does new coach Raheem Morris make the decision? What about rookie first-round pick Josh Freeman?

Ideally, Raheem the Dream would love to already know. The fact he hasn’t chosen a quarterback (yet) is, at best, disturbing. If Bryon Leftwich or Luke McCown haven’t distanced themselves from a rookie quarterback enough that Raheem the Dream is still thinking of starting bust-in-waiting Josh Freeman on the cusp of the start of training camp… yikes!

4 Responses to “When Will Raheem The Dream Pull The Trigger?”

  1. oar Says:

    Raheem the Dream already knows. Don’t fool yourselves and it might be a a nightmare on Buc Street!

  2. v901520 Says:

    The knock on McCown is his inability to prevent mental brake downs during the course of the game. McCown has good physical abilities ,but there are thousands who are not in the NFL with with “good physical abilities”. Can he stare down J.Peppers or W. Smith and still see a wide open Clayton,Bryant or Stevens or does he lock on to Winslow hoping to make the big play. I’m a Buc fan first so whom ever they chose that’s my QB, but I believe Leftwich is the best QB on the team at this time, if Luke prove me wrong Great . The team Is always first with me. I’m hoping Freeman sits all or at least most of the year ,anyway! Go Bucs

  3. Half full Says:

    Chill. Camp hasn’t even started yet.

  4. BigMacAttack Says:

    When McCown last played, he did a very good job of going through his progressions. He threw good crisp passes and made some good plays. His problem was the mental breakdowns that occasionally happened when a play was well defended and there was no one open to pass to. He had a very hard time throwing the ball away, because he always wants to make a positive play. I think he has learned from those mistakes and should be better for it. He moves much more quickly and fluidly than Leftwich, and is very good on a Boot Leg and with play action. This should be Luke’s job to lose and the Bucs would be foolish to keep the worn out slow motion snail known as Byron “Sluggo” Leftwich. This is a much different scheme with zone blocks and should work well for a QB like Luke that has both speed and precision passes. Lefty on the other hand, would probably trip or get left in the arm of said Peppers, Grant & Smith. I personally want to see how Galloway does with the Pats. Brady, Moss, Welker & Galloway could give teams fit. One of Joseph’s major problems was the Bucs QB’s couldn’t lead his speed on a fly. Brady can and how.