Derrick Ward The Top Sleeper

July 22nd, 2009

In some circles, specifically select circles in southern California, Derrick Ward is The Man.

Joe also suspects in these same Hollywood haunts, Ward may be known by the ladies as anything but a sleeper.

But he may not be considered a stud in some football circles. That should change this year, so writes Joe Fortenbaugh of the In fact, Fortenbaugh predicts Ward will be the No. 1 sleeper in the NFL this season.

We absolutely love Ward heading into the 2009 season for two reasons. First, he’s a dual-threat running back who piled up 1,409 yards as a backup to Brandon Jacobs in 2008. Second, the Bucs’ offense has a serious arsenal that features wideout Antonio Bryant and big-play tight end Kellen Winslow, who will both force opposing defenses to respect the pass. His value is going to be outstanding as several uneducated fantasy owners are sure to believe that Earnest Graham is going to carry a legitimate portion of the workload. He won’t. The Bucs didn’t spend $17 million to have Ward sit on the bench. Be advised: If rookie quarterback Josh Freeman wins the job heading into Week 1, Ward’s value will decrease a bit.

Joe thinks Ward may be part of the best running back combination in the NFL, especially if Cadillac Williams can return from his injury. If nothing else, the Bucs should be able to pound the ball successfully this year.

One Response to “Derrick Ward The Top Sleeper”

  1. Shane Henderson Says:

    I think D-Rock Ward is gonna have a breakthrough year in O9!! I predict 1600yds and 14tds…..and yes I have him as a keeper on my fantasy team!