Smoke Monte’s Favorite

July 1st, 2009

Joe is proud to promote Bucanero Cigars, a Tampa company and maker of some of the world’s truly finest cigars. And even better, Bucanero Cigars owner Robert Spoden has been a Bucs fan since ’76 and is a proud military veteran.

So you you’re wondering, what cigars did the Super Bowl winning Bucs savor during their parade? What did Derrick Brooks light up?

That would be Bucanero, more specifically the el Capitan Maduro, with its creamy core and touch of sweetness on the finish. It’s a renowned masterpiece, a favorite of Monte Kiffin, and the highest rated Maduro in Smoke Magazine history.

Joe will share a lot more about Bucanero in the coming weeks. For now, click on the picture to learn more and place an order.


3 Responses to “Smoke Monte’s Favorite”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe – you’re slipping buddy.

    It’s Wednesday and the best non-Bucs photo you can post is a CIGAR?

    I don’t mind the ad’s but how about a pic of Carmella smoking a Bucanero at least? 😉

  2. Mr. Lucky Says:

    I mean can’t you get these women smoking Bucanero’s ?

  3. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe are you sure Monte was somking El Capitan Maduro’s at the end of last season and not something else – maybe somthing that rhymes with temp?