“It Was Jon Gruden’s Finest Moment.”

July 2nd, 2009

Joe has long beat the drum about what a quality channel the NFL Network is. There isn’t a day that goes by that Joe doesn’t watch the NFL Network.

Joe just can’t understand how someone who calls himself a football fan would not have the NFL Network. This is unbelievable to Joe.

Wisely, the powers that be at the NFL Network are starting to put more of the network’s content online. One of the features the NFL Network has is “Top Ten,” where experts pick and discuss the top 10 of a variety of NFL subjects. It’s one of the few times when Joe actually puts his remote down.

One of the subjects is “Top Ten Motivational Coaches.” In it, Chucky was No. 3.

His facial contortions earned him the nickname “Chucky,” but Jon Gruden’s intense motivational style helped Tampa Bay finally win a Super Bowl.

In the story are links to Chucky’s segment of the show and, as a bonus, a clip of the Bucs Super Bowl highlights which only seem like yesterday.

In the Chucky clip, Chris Harry of the Orlando Sentinel calls Chucky leading the Bucs to the Super Bowl win as Chucky’s “finest moment.”

After you watch Chucky’s segment and you get a taste of the NFL Network, if your cable company rhymes with “Out House Networks” and you don’t call them to tell them to go to hell, then you are not only not a football fan, Joe suspects you are not even a man.

Joe cannot fathom how anyone would stay with a company that so blatantly spits in the face of football fans, yet crams every shopping channel known to mankind down subscribers’ throats, among other worthless channels.

(“Hey, what’s the temperature?”

“Same as it was nine minutes ago.”)

As RenĂ© Descartes would say, “I have NFL Network, therefore I am a man.”

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