Donald Penn Is Underappreciated

July 15th, 2009

There is little doubt that the Bucs strongest position is the offensive line. If the Bucs are to do anything at all this season it will be because of the blocking of the — Joe is channeling his inner Keith Jackson here — big uglies up front.

While Warren Sapp recently crowed how Donald Penn was one of the best offensive linemen in the NFL, Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune, writing for, suggests Penn is one of the most “underappreciated” players in the NFL.

Warren Sapp calls him one of the top five offensive linemen in the league. Although Sapp might be overrating Penn, most everybody else underrates him. Penn is a scrapper who plays through the whistle and helps give his offense an element of toughness.

If the Bucs can be anywhere close to .500 this year, every man on the front five should get a bonus, if not raises. There’s no way the Bucs will have a decent season if not for the offensive line.

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