Celebration Advice For The Glazers

July 8th, 2009

So in this troubled economy the Glazer Boys just picked up a $74 million check for selling their share of a financial holding company.

They must be celebrating.

Now Joe doesn’t know what it’s like to have access to that kind of cash. But he does know a thing or two about savoring a moment.

And this seems like the right time for a Bucanero Clasico Maduro, rated one of the top 5 Maduro cigars of the 20th century.

So rich in taste but very smooth with outstanding creamy after tones, the Bucanero Clasico Maduro is aged with vintage tobacco finishes. It has subtle spice and natural sweetness combined with slight earth tones for a complexity in flavor highly unique. 

This is a true smoking experience. Order some today.

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