Bucs Were Going To Bench Buchanon

July 5th, 2009

One of the assorted problems Joe has with the Bucs this season is how the strong secondary of what regarded as a weak defense last year was dismantled by Mark Dominik.

Through attrition (letting Phillip Buchanon walk) and moving around the furniture (shifting Jermaine Phillips to linebacker) the Bucs needlessly weakened a once strong aspect.

Buchanon eventually wound up on the roster of the Lions — the Lions! — and he infers in a recent article to AOL Fanhouse that had he stayed with the Bucs he would have been benched.

“I did want to stay in Florida,” Buchanon said. “Tampa was going in a different direction and I truly feel like I’m still a starter, and Detroit was one of the teams that was actually there. There were a few other teams, but Tampa was taking their time and I didn’t want to wait. You either want me or you don’t.”

Joe still doesn’t get it. The Bucs tore apart their linebacker corps (which was nothing better than OK) and largely kept a woeful defensive line intact. The secondary was strong. Why fix something that wasn’t broke?

One could make an argument Buchanon wasn’t the problem in the secondary.

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