Bucs Backfield May Be Fearsome

July 30th, 2009

So the Mad Twitterer, Rick Stroud of the St. Petersburg Times (and Joe will get to the Mad Twitterer element a bit later today), had a breaking news story Wednesday that Cadillac Williams is not only ahead of schedule in his rehab, but he should be ready for training camp this weekend.

Of course, he still has that pesky little problem of passing his physical first.

This is way good news.

With Kardashian-smitten Derrick Ward, a healthy Earnest Graham and now a rejuvenated Cadillac Williams, Joe knows of no other backfield that is as deep as the Bucs. This is great on several levels.

First, a team cannot have enough healthy running backs the way these guys get pounded. Also, the lone hole in the Bucs’ offense is the quarterback position. A team cannot hide a quarterback for long (though in reality Trent Dilfer should have been locked in a cage just before kickoffs when he was with the Bucs). The only way to somewhat hide a QB is to play keep-away, which means running the ball.

Even if Cadillac is only 80 percent of what he was last year, that’s still a valuable addition for the Bucs.

To pound the ball all season a team needs a lot of running backs. And now the Bucs have that.

After Joe learned about Cadillac’s early return, it was enough for him to crack open an ice cold Caybrew (or two).

2 Responses to “Bucs Backfield May Be Fearsome”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    While I read about the Caddy being back I’m concerned about whether this “overall” will hold up. I mean I was pulling for him last year (I picked him up in my Fantasy football league) but in the Oakland game it was a huge disappointment for both fans and Carnell.

    So lets ASSUME Cadillac is back to his rookie form and that Graham’s high ankle sprain is “cured” and the Derrick Ward returns to his 2008 form…


    With Sears being out of the line-up who fills in? Zuttah?

    What about Donald Penn? Will he be harboring ill-will because he only got a 1 year contract or will Penn step up to the plate and have a monster season so that when he leaves next year he picks up the Goliath check he feels he deserves?

    I LIKE the right side of the Bucs line and would love to see Stevens playing TE more with Winslow in the slot. That would provide more opportunites for “team right” having Williams scamper for the edge but what about the backside?

    Plus what happens if one of these guys goes down with an injury in the “more violent” training camp? How much depth do the Bucs REALLY have?

    Let’s face it even Adrian Peterson wouldn’t be effective behind the Detroit front line would he?

  2. Sgt Mike Says:

    I just hope the Caddy is ready to shine. If not, he is probably done with the NFL and that would be sad for us and him.