Bryant May Force Glazer Boys To Spend Cash

July 1st, 2009

Much has been made in the local media of yesterday’s report by’s Jason La Canfora that the Bucs, on a five-year average, spent the least amount of cash on salaries in the NFL.

If the Bucs want to keep wide receiver Antonio Bryant after this year, that average could drastically change.

Bryant, who had a break out season last year, was signed to a one-year franchise tag and he was none too happy about it. When the Green Bay Packers signed Greg Jennings to the second-highest contract last week for receivers (second only to Larry Fitzgerald), it very likely got the attention of Bryant and his agent.

It certainly got the attention of Matt Bowen of the

The Bucs placed the franchise tag on Bryant this offseason after he had a breakout year in ’08, despite his complaints for a long-term deal. Bryant publicly lobbied to the media, but the Bucs must want to see him do it again — for a second year in a row — before they hand out big money. Bryant has a history of off-the-field issues and was even out of the NFL for a period of time. If he puts up big numbers again and avoids trouble, Tampa will have to give him a new deal.

If people think La Confora’s article got Bucs fans worked up, imagine if Bryant has another solid season and the Glazer Boys let him walk? And you think you’ve had your fill of ads for season tickets this summer?

16 Responses to “Bryant May Force Glazer Boys To Spend Cash”

  1. OAR Says:

    “the Bucs must want to see him do it again — for a second year in a row — before they hand out big money.” Not so sure about that. They handed Kellen “Sarge” Winslow a huge contract(lagrest at TE in NFL history) and he hasn’t proven one year in Pewter.

  2. BigMacAttack Says:

    Hey Joe, check this post out from St Pete Times site about Freeman….

    Update has been hidden from all public facing feeds in TypePad
    Recent Activity
    I have my security contacts in Tampa and i will tell you the main reason McCown gets a shot along with Leftwich… JOSH FREEMAN HAS A COCAINE PROBLEM… OUR #1 PICK LIKES THE BOOGER SUGAR… He won’t last 2 seasons before this info is out
    Toggle Commented 10 minutes ago on McCown: ‘I’ve got an opportunity this year’ at Bucs Beat

    Whatayathink about that ?????????

  3. Joe Says:


    Joe cannot confirm nor has heard anything remotely like this and as far as Joe is concerned, unless he gets some concrete evidence to the contrary, it’s a baseless rumor.

    Now if anyone does have information about this, please e-mail Joe at .

  4. BigMacAttack Says: has removed that comment from their site, and OAR’s followup joke about it. That didn’t take long. Be it a baseless rumor or not, why would anyone post that? Very strange.

  5. Mr. Lucky Says:

    ???? For the very reason YOU posted it…

  6. Joe Says:


    It’s been quite a few years, and countless beers, since Joe’s communications law class. But from what Joe remembers of those lectures,. that comment bordered on slander, which you have to prove in order to be found guilty of liable when dealing with a public figure.

    Joe’s guessing whoever posted that is now banned from That was way over the top.

  7. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Now back to the subject of Antonio Bryant and $$$$

    I personally think that Bryant should be HAPPY to ONLY earn 9+ million for the 2009 season.

    If I were the Bucs GM I would have slapped the intermediate tag on him for less.

    Sure Bryant had a breakout year in 2008 BUT look at what Michael Clayton did in his first year with the Bucs.

    Before you EARN a multi-year payday you need to PROVE you’re not a 1-trick pony.

    If Bryant has the stellar year in 2009 that he did in 2008 and the Bucs come anywhere near .500 then expect the Glazers to crack open the vault for a 4-5 year contract.

    However if you don’t earn your keep well …. look what happened to that expensive albatross Chucky

  8. OAR Says:

    BigMacAttack, well that figures, about the removals that is. I’m not sure there is turth to it, cause you would have to believe he would have been caught by now. Although I have known people(even family members) to have been hookd on that and you would have never known.
    MrLucky, did I mention I used to have a three-legged dog named MrLucky.

  9. OAR Says:

    Mr Lucky, Clayton wishes he had Bryant’s numbers and for some reason I don’t think Bryant wishes he could have Clayton’s blocks. Bryant has had better productive years. He had a 1000yd season with Cleveland in 2005 and had 800plus in 2004 on two different teams. So he has been proven, but I do agree, if he has another great year for us they will have to pay.

  10. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Oar with regard to numbers between Clayton and Bryant you forgot a few – for example:

    Bryant HAD a big contract in 2006 – 4 years for $14 million: Clayton didn’t

    Bryant had a ticket for DUI, etc. in 2006: Clayton didn’t

    Bryant was suspended for 4 games: Clayton wasn’t

    Bryant failed a drug test in 2007: Clayton didn’t

    In 2008 Bryant was given a BIG second chance to play in the NFL – he capitalized on that opportunity and hopefully won’t pull the same crap in Tampa that he did after San Francisco signed him to a big payday.

    Clayton was given a BIG second chance when the Bucs re-signed him this off season.

    Oar did I mention that I have wooden oars on my boat that are really dense thick hard as a rock?

  11. gosh almighty Says:

    so if Bryant doesn’t have as good a year in 09 as he did in 08 under Gruden…..what will THAT mean?

    Everyone assumes he will be better – well what if Jago’s offense isn’t as good as Gruden’s??!! Gruden set a record for Bucs yards last year!

  12. OAR Says:

    Mr Lucky, Wow way to be a jerk! I was serious about our family dog(one of them) he was a brittany-boykin(bird dog). He was an awesome hunting dog for only having three legs. Could out do some of the other ones in the brush. Sometimes my dad would put a longer lead on him to try and slow him down.
    Back to Clayton he sucks!

  13. BigMacAttack Says:

    Mr Lucky, were you insinuating that I posted that comment? I only mentioned it to Joe, here, because of the coverage Joe has given Josh Freeman. I think more so than any other site. I have never seen a Player straight up accused the way the Fan/blogger did of Freeman, so openly, and only on hearsay. Whether the guy knows security guards for the Bucs or not, that was a pretty big allegation, and clearly out of the blue. One last thing. Are your initials DR?

  14. Mr. Lucky Says:

    BigMac – I wasn’t insinuating that you posted the comment at all. I simply responded to your comment about WHY someone would post something like that (whether it was true or not). All too often bloggers post something because they want to be the first to do it. True or not it gets posted. Only when people REALIZE the consequences (liable/slander) do they post retractions. However that’s like puttng toothpaste back into the container.

    An no my initials are NOT DR

  15. OAR Says:

    As my Japanese Aunt would say,”You sur you no DR, Mr. Rucky?

  16. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Oar I wike yur Ant! lol