Brooks Claims He’s Getting Interest

July 3rd, 2009

This has been floating around the internet so Joe thought he would bring it to you.

Former Bucs stud Derrick Brooks appeared on former Rams lineman D’Marco Farr’s radio show on KSGL-AM in St. Louis. As in recent interviews, Brooks said, yes, he wants to play one more year.

Brooks didn’t really say anything revealing other that to say he’s getting enough interest that he is working out and staying in shape to play another year of football, otherwise he would have announced his retirement.

And he doesn’t blame his unemployment (yet) on teams phasing out the Tampa-2.

“No it’s not because if you play defense, you play football. So from that standpoint it’s meaningless. We made that defense what it was honestly with those classic battles against the Rams. And what our primary zone defense did was Cover-2 because of the front that you had to rush the pressure. Right now, you’re not getting as many combination of rushers that can rush like we could in our heyday. You know, four to six coming out. You’re just not seeing that anymore within units. And you know, like anything else in this game, you got to change. The style of offense is more or less not running the wide open offenses that ‘The Greatest Show On Turf’ ran that forced you to play that style of defense. So it’s not necessarily that teams aren’t playing that defense; it’s offenses are changing too, so the defense has got to change with the offense that’s being run by various teams now.”

It’s difficult for Joe to believe not only is Brooks not still with the Bucs, but he’s not with anyone yet. Sure, he had slipped a little. But it’s not as if he was horrible. Besides, Brooks was playing hurt last year late in the season.

4 Responses to “Brooks Claims He’s Getting Interest”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    yeah…..on CD’s

  2. David Says:

    Joe, don’t say that Brooks was playing injured now. That’ll only make another team claim that he’s injury prone.

  3. Kirk Says:

    Brooks, as good as he was, needs to just let it go. I’m sure he can muster one more year, but why? He has accomplished more than most NFL players ever will, made a ton of money, won a ring, what the hell more does he want? I hate the thought of him getting hurt or being a situational player. Why not go out on top?

  4. Jorge Says:

    If he wants to play let him play…He’s been doing the same thing everyday since he was 8 yrs old, either playing or getting ready to play…

    Leave him alone let the man go out his way…

    But, I think he is done…It still hurts me to see him hobbling as the Panthers RBs score another rushing TD…