The Bucs And TV

June 5th, 2009

Joe heard the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, “The Big Dog,” Steve Duemig bring this subject up in his interview with John Lynch Wednesday, but Vacation Man of also writes about how there are so many Bucs involved in TV now.

There’s Chucky, Trent Dilfer, Meshawn Johnson and Shaun King working for BSPN, Warren Sapp working for the NFL Network, Lynch working for WFLA and Fox, and now Father Dungy working for NBC.

This has led Vacation Man to opine:

Seems like only a matter of time before some former Buc gets his own reality show. Some possibilities: “Dropping Passes with Reidel Anthony and Jacquez Green,” “Manicuring with Alvin Harper,” “Deep Thoughts with Jim Pyne” or “Adventures in Boating with Tyji Armstrong.”

Joe has some other possibilities:

Sgt. Winslow: “The Life of a Soldier,” The Military Channel (with a guest appearance on ER).

Aqib Talib: “Facelift,” Lifetime. Here, Talib works with plastic surgeons to reconstruct people’s faces.

Barrett Ruud: “Missing,” Hallmark. Movie features a man who strangely vanishes for a few weeks each year near the holidays. He also can’t be found in recent training sessions.

Gaines Adams: “Cruising,” Travel Channel. Adams takes vacationers on a cruise but takes the longest possible routes to reach the destined port of call.

Mark Dominik: “It’s Not Your Money,” Fox Business News. Dominik demonstrates for viewers how they can shop at thrift stores, paying double for everyday items with the boss’ money. Co-hosted by Rebecca Gomez.

Raheem the Dream: “The Perfect Interview,” CNBC. The Dream explains how to conduct the perfect interview: Tell every interviewee for a job how much you need them, regardless of qualifications. Then hire them. As a result, you never have a bad interview.

Derrick Ward: “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” E! Network. Bucs running back frolics with D-list celebrity troupe of sisters. Wait a minute… Joe thinks this may have aired already.

2 Responses to “The Bucs And TV”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe why stop there? There are certainly many more options for current Bucs and possible Bucs for example:

    Plexaco Burris, Jeramy Stevens: “Gangland” on the History Channel

    Simeon Rice: UFO encounters, History Channel. Heck Simeon might make guest appearances on Psych on USA Networkds. Or Maybe Semeon could fill in for Teal’c on Stargate.

    The Glazers: The Cheap Show – click here for the rules:

    Brian Griese: Burn Notice: When your employers don’t want you and you’re stuck in the city with no friends, etc.,

    Derrick Brooks: Mr. Smith goes to Washington

    Warren Sapp: I’m a Celebrity – Get me out of here, NBC. I’d love to see Warren compete in the food challenges

  2. Joe Says:

    >>> Plexaco Burris, Jeramy Stevens: “Gangland” on the History Channel <<<

    Good one Mr. Lucky!