Son Of Bob, Ruud Holdouts Could Be Pricey

June 16th, 2009

The two players who may not be at minicamp this week at One Buc Palace may miss for two very different reasons.

Son of Bob wants out of Tampa. It’s that simple. Even if he had a hint of a desire to remain with the Bucs he would have shown his face at least once since the end of last season. He hasn’t. His agent, Ralph Cindrich, had been working with the Bucs in an effort to secure a trade but hasn’t been successful.

Now Son of Bob is looking at potentially nasty fines by the Bucs. Same with Barrett Ruud if he holds out. Ruud, unlike Son of Bob, is looking for a new contract; Son of Bob is looking for a new team.

In a blog post last week on the St. Petersburg Times Web site, Stephen Holder pointed out the penalties.

Under the rules of the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement, teams have the right to fine players a maximum of $8,000 for missed activities, such as minicamps. The club isn’t required to assess any fines, but it certainly has the option. The fines are significantly stiffer for training camp, when a team can fine players up to $14,000 . . . per day.

As Raheem the Dream pointed out, if a player sits out, it’s a “business decision.” What Joe can’t believe is that Son of Bob is still on the roster. What’s the hangup? Son of Bob clearly is not in the Bucs plans, unless they need someone to pick up the dirty towels or jocks in the locker room. If there was a market for him he would have been traded for a stale beer. He hasn’t.

Why not just cut him and let Son of Bob find a new team and thereby save some cash?

Or are the Glazer Boys so flush with cash now from selling that kickball player with one name that they don’t mind paying Son of Bob to attend Little League games in Colorado?

2 Responses to “Son Of Bob, Ruud Holdouts Could Be Pricey”

  1. thedeej3000 Says:

    SOB is around as insurance. Big reason why Simms was kept around so long last year. Dominick remembers the first time we cut Griese, then Luke busts his ACL, Fiedler couldn’t stay healthy, and we go in the the season with Simms starting and Gradkowski backing him up. If, god forbid, one of the big 3 go down this weekend, Dominick will look prescient.

  2. Sgt Mike Says:

    I concur. Due diligence. Not to mention if someone gets hurt around the league he may be someone else’s insurance policy and an extra 4,5 or 6th round pick next year. Maybe.