Sabby Piscitelli Speaks

June 10th, 2009

Sabby Piscitelli said Byron Leftwich is "lighting it up."

Bucs safety Sabby Piscitelli appeared on KFXX-AM 1080 in Portland, Ore. Tuesday to talk with co-hosts Isaac Ropp and Jason Scukanec.

Piscitelli talked about a number of subjects including the transition from Chucky to Raheem the Dream, how he still regrets not scoring on an 81-yard interception return against the Raiders, and the local “talent” in the Tampa Bay area.

KFXX: When you were coming out of Oregon State, you had to be excited about being drafted by a Florida team since you are from Boca Raton.

Sabby Piscitelli: Getting drafted in my home state is the best of both worlds. It’s exciting and I love it. Yeah, Boca is real laid back and there are a lot of older people there, retired people but it’s a beautiful place. It’s between everything you would want. Its 20 minutes to the north and 20 minutes to the south with a lot of nightlife. It’s everything you want. I’ll buy a place there in the next couple of years.

KFXX: You have to be having a blast. You’re single, you’re an NFL player, you’re in Florida where there are a lot of beautiful women, you’re a good-looking guy. Are you spoken for or are you single and going through women like Kleenex?

SP: (loud laughs) I am single, definitely. But I am focused on my career. You know, all serious. I am just focused on my career. Sure, I have a good time and I explore.

KFXX: How old are you?

SP: Twenty-five.

KFXX: So who are you with, what do you prefer, a model, an actress or both?

SP: (more laughs) Whatever beautiful one I can meet. But I’m serious. I’m just focusing on my career.

KFXX: OK, so the Bucs moved Jermaine Phillips to linebacker to free up space for you. How satisfying is it to know you are slated to start?

SP: I’m extremely excited. I’m looking forward to it. It’s a big challenge and I’m getting my career started off big. Last year I was limited to six games but I played in each one. I got my feet wet. It was good. It was pretty much my first year. It didn’t end that well but I felt like I was progressing gradually. As long as I can contribute.

KFXX: What happened against the Raiders? The Raiders, man!

SP: You know, you can’t explain it. We were 9-3, we had a great coaching staff, we were in first place and we were going into Monday Night Football and we didn’t show up for that game and it crumbled down from there. I can’t really put a finger on what happened but you cannot do that in the NFL. We go 0-4 in December and that is something that we will focus on this offseason with our new coaching staff. We will learn to finish. I can’t blame nobody. You can only blame yourself.

KFXX: Tell us about your pick against the Raiders.

SP: I didn’t score. I almost ran all the way. I think I totaled 120 yards on that play with all the cutbacks. it was good. It put us in position to take the lead and I thought that would win us the game. But the Raiders came back.

KFXX: Tell us about what goes through your mind when you run one back like that.

SP: It happens so quick. I watched that play 100 times on film. I was so upset I didn’t score. I watched it so much to learn what I could have done different. I got tackled at the 10. I broke on the ball; JaMarcus (Russell) did a good job of looking me off the ball. My teammates set up some good blocks. I can’t get mad. But I wish I would have scored. Cadillac bailed me out on the next play. When the ball is in your hands, you are supposed to score.

KFXX: Outside of an offensive lineman, what’s the worst position player to get run down by?

SP: I got tackled by JaMarcus. He freelanced me. But my first interception I picked it off and we were in a Cover-2 against Atlanta. I had a blocker in front of me, Aqib Talib. I thought he was going to block and I would run past an offensive lineman. I was looking ahead and the offensive lineman tackled me.

KFXX: (dog barking at Sabby’s house): What kind of dog do you have?

SP: A boxer. He’s my little boy. I got him my rookie year. He’s a good dog.

KFXX: What’s the difference between Gruden and Morris?

SP: The biggest difference is the backgrounds. Jon Gruden was a great, great, great coach and an offensive genius, a mastermind. Raheem is young and enthusiastic and comes from the defensive side of the ball. His mindset is defense. Both have their strengths. Raheem Morris does a good job of relating to players. He is only 33. We bought into his system and we will play for him and lay down the line. I am excited for him. He was my [defensive backs] coach for two years.

KFXX: Who the hell is your quarterback?

SP: Good question. [Sabby lists all the quarterbacks]. Leftwich is lighting it up.

KFXX: Can you beat Leftwich running backwards?

SP: (Laughs and doesn’t answer the question.)

KFXX: Tell us about Josh Freeman?

SP: Yeah, it’s hard on rookies. It’s my third year and I am still learning. We have a whole new offense and a whole new defense and we are all rookies all learning fresh and all learning from the same page. It’s good.

KFXX: Do you miss college football?

SP: College football is great, it’s exciting. College football and NFL football are both exciting but totally two different atmospheres. They’re both great. I love both. But college, you have that excitement. I watch it whenever I can.

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