Roy Miller Might Start As Rookie

June 2nd, 2009

Clearly the weakest element of the Bucs heading into training camp is the defensive line. So weak, the Bucs selected two mid-level draft picks to bolster that unit.

The guy the Bucs selected that jumped out at him was defensive tackle Roy Miller from Texas. The guy is a perfect Jim Bates-type guy: a big ole’ space eater in the middle.

But so good may be Miller, or so bad the Bucs defensive line, that Vacation Man of thinks Miller just might start.

Mike (Barre, MA): What about Roy Miller? What kind of impact do you see him making this season? I could see him getting into the rotation with Chris Hovan and Ryan Sims

Vacation Man: I can see Roy Miller starting if he shows anything at all. I’m not sold on the two guys you mentioned at all.

In a way, this might be a good thing. It shows that the Bucs drafted to fit the scheme of Bates, and, that the Bucs drafted well.

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