Raider Hater

June 8th, 2009

"Why did I have to lose to the Raiders? Why!? Now I have to kiss Chris Berman's ass, and let me tell you it smells. What the hell is Stuart Scott talking about? He needs subtitles. Friggin' Al Davis!"

Seems as though Chucky likes working with kids. Not long after speaking on Sirius NFL Radio on how much fun he had working as the offensive coordinator on one of his son’s flag football teams, Chucky was involved in Tim Marcum’s youth football camp.

Well, Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune tagged along and spoke with Chucky and some of his campers. Seems as though Chucky is still bitter about working for Al Davis and, obviously, fondly remembers beating the Raiders to win the long Bucs Super Bowl.

So Chucky tried to brainwash the kids about how rotten the Raiders are.

During a portion of the film session in which he was breaking down the skills of a series of quarterbacks, Gruden asked his audience if anyone knew who drafted former LSU quarterback Jamarcus Russell.

“The Raiders,” a few campers shouted. “That’s right, the Raiders,” Gruden said. “Anyone here like the Raiders?” “No,” the campers shouted back. “Me neither,” Gruden said.

Of course, Chucky has a real good reason to hate the Raiders. They cost Chucky his job with the Bucs.

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