Point/Counterpoint: Bucs Quarterbacks

June 24th, 2009
Even Luke McCown knows the starting quarterback job is up in the air.

Even Luke McCown knows the starting quarterback job is up in the air.

Joe has too much respect for former NFL general manager Charley Casserly to call him an “ignorant slut.”

Joe has too much respect for his health to call former NFL and Florida State offensive lineman Jamie Dukes an “ignorant slut.”

But in the spirit of the  “Point/Counterpoint” segment on the old 60 Minutes, famously parodied in the early years of Saturday Night Live, NFL.com has Casserly and Dukes go at it as to who the Bucs should start at quarterback when the season opens.

Dukes is a Leftwich kind of a guy.

I know that my colleagues Warren Sapp and Rod Woodson like to talk about Leftwich’s long throwing motion and delivery. All I know is that when Leftwich gets in a game, he plays hard and his team wins. He’s big, and he’s tough.

Casserly said the race is wide open.

Leftwich is the more experienced player, McCown the more athletic player. McCown really has to improve his decision making and accuracy. Leftwich is a good decision maker, but doesn’t give you the mobility McCown does. Right now, this job is clearly up in the air. Training camp will decide it.

Though Joe has no facts to base this on, Joe just has a hunch it will be Leftwich.

3 Responses to “Point/Counterpoint: Bucs Quarterbacks”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    But isn’t this HOW you want it to go down – to the best player?

    How many people assumed that Matt Ryan would be the starter in Atlanta in June 2008 – NO ONE! He EARNED/WON the job.

    I would expect the Bucs QB to do the same

    Nothing more – nothing less!

  2. Jeff Says:

    No way Leftwich wins. If he keeps performing poorly, he could find himself released. He has not looked good in OTA’s. Just to remind you, that’s shorts and helmets with no contact. Josh Johnson will determine his fate.

  3. v901520 Says:

    Jeff ,no one has said Leftwich performance was bad or poor only that he has slow feet and a long delivery. Who didn’t know that… (QB) Coach Ollie? Didn’t he work Leftwich out before the draft or simply before the bucs signed him? Where was the QB coach then? Anyway Sabby P. sez” Leftwich has been lighting it up in OTA”s ,Mike C sez” Leftwich bring a certain confidence and swagger to the huddle . Some people call it the “It Factor”. AB sez” Leftwich commands respect on the field and attention to details even Coach Ollie (yep the same… You know slow feet and long delivery) sez “Leftwich has been accurate and throws a great deep ball”
    HELLO !!! did I miss something? Leftwich sez” anybody can look good throwing the ball in helmet and shorts even YOU”. He was addressing the reports at the press conference.