More Talk About More Clifton Smith

June 5th, 2009
Bucs running back Steve Logan says Clifton Smith is the "joker" in the Bucs offense

Bucs running backs coach Steve Logan says Clifton Smith is the "joker" in the Bucs offense

Back in February, offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski talked about how Clifton Smith had “shake” and could be a valuable weapon in the Bucs offense.

Now, new Bucs running backs coach Steve Logan is again chatting up Smith, per Yahoo Sports.

“Cliff is going to be the joker that can give us some really different things,” Logan said. “Cliff may have a more expanded role in this offense, rather than just as a punt returner. 

“Right now, we’re just doing the base offense, getting everything installed, but soon, we’ve talked to the kids about these last four OTAs, we’re going to begin to try to focus on who brings what to the table, and then we’ll exploit that as coaches. That’s our job.”

Smith is one of the many players Joe loves on the Bucs. The kid’s exciting. But Joe is a bit nervous about Smith’s history of fumbles. After his rise to Pro Bowl status, it’s easy to forget how much he was putting the ball on the ground in the early part of 2008. Chucky deserves his props for sticking with the kid.

Let’s hope Jagodzinski can find a way to turn Smith into a Dave Meggett clone (minus Meggett’s many run-ins with hookers and sexual assault charges, of course). 

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