More Brooks To Saints Chatter

June 9th, 2009

Vacation Man, of, spent the weekend in New Orleans. Nice vacation, huh? Joe can just taste the jambalaya at The Gumbo Shop and hear the music from the Bourbon Street Blues Club right now just thinking about the place, among many, many, many other French Quarter haunts.

But unlike his name, Vacation Man was not on vacation. Rather, he was busy working the Saints OTAs.

So while he makes it perfectly clear he has no firm evidence on the following, it’s his hunch that former Bucs great and future Hall of Fame linebacker Derrick Brooks may be playing at the C.I.T.S. again this season.

Wearing those heinous Saints colors.

With the retirement of weak-side linebacker Dan Morgan on Monday afternoon, the Saints might be looking for more depth. Sitting out there is Brooks, who just might be one of the greatest outside linebackers ever.

Brooks has been sitting out there for months, presumably waiting for the perfect situation. It hasn’t presented itself so far, but there might not ever be another situation better for Brooks. Yeah, he’s 36, but he’s indicated he still thinks he can play.

The Saints are a team with a win-now attitude, as demonstrated by the acquisitions of Jonathan Vilma and Jeremy Shockey last year and the signing of veteran safety Darren Sharper this year. They’re not in a youth movement and they’ve got enough cap room to handle Brooks, who shouldn’t command huge money.

It’s not the first time this has been speculated. Joe, in fact, delivered this exact same logic one month ago. But just the thought of this happening leaves Joe too depressed to comment.

One Response to “More Brooks To Saints Chatter”

  1. v901520 Says:

    Everyone loves DB ,but it’s time to call it quites . It’s sad to see someone like Brooks trying to hang on when he has so much more to offer in many other areas. Sapp, Lynch both have moved on and will do well in their new careers. I’m disappointed that Derrick Brookes like so many other old or former star think they can compete at a high level with so many more younger,stronger and faster players. Johnny Unitas, O.J, Willie Mays all superstars in their own right but none of them knew when to say when. I can still see the Raiders game last season a beaten ,battered and tired DB giving it his all but that wasn’t good enough . Time was saying it’s time to go. Go DB you’ve had a great career. Don’t want to see a shell of your former self. Don’t want you to tarnish a great football career by trying to just hang on one more year. You deserve better.