Mahan Makes A New Deal (Allegedly)

June 29th, 2009

The Bucs bedfellows with the colorful outdated magazine, aka Pewter Report, have reported for a few days that reserve offensive lineman Sean Mahan has taken a hefty pay cut to stay with the Bucs in 2009.

Typically, Joe would have brought you this news in a timely fashion, but Joe opted not to initially since Pewter Report failed to offer a source in its story – not even an unnamed source.

Joe is leery of these types of reports, plus the newspapers didn’t pick it up.

When Joe was learning his journalism craft, he was always taught to use sources for all information. And Joe adheres to that old school philosophy to this day.

As for Mahan, the Bucs need the depth, especially given the Arron Sears mystery. At $1.6 million, he’s worth every penny.

5 Responses to “Mahan Makes A New Deal (Allegedly)”

  1. dave Says:

    You’d be better served by not bashing PR, you’re not worthy of holding their collective jock straps. Do what your best at, report on other people’s reports.

  2. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Have to laugh Dave. We don’t discriminate. Every Bucs media outlet gets our scrutiny. As for holding Pewter Report’s jock straps, I’d put the crew’s sportswriting and reporting experience up against their team’s anytime. We’ve got more hardware and years in the biz. … And lastly, this post is a report on “other people’s reports.”

  3. Marc Benarzyk Says:

    negative reporting will get you EVERYWHERE

  4. Chris Says:

    Chris thinks that Joe ought to get a refund from the journalism school that taught him to write about himself in the third person. Chris thinks it’s pretty annoying.

  5. Joe Sixpack Says:

    Joe also thinks that the 3rd person writing is annoying but not half as bad as all of the stupid nicknames for everything that walks on the face of the earth.