Casey Weldon: Hero of the People

June 2nd, 2009

casey-weldonWhen Trent Dilfer, one of the more horrid quarterbacks to ever step behind center, played for the Bucs, hundreds of thousands of fans (if not select members of the Fourth Estate) likely wanted to ring his neck for his never-ending bonehead plays, constant  interceptions and inability to lead a team from behind.

Former Bucs quarterback Casey Weldon wasn’t a whole lot better. But he pulled off what many Bucs fans secretly hoped to accomplish.

In a recent chat on, Vacation Man offered a gem that Weldon is, in fact, the people’s hero.

Carlos Panama:Pat, I don’t get why there’s no love for the Bucs O-LINE. Its by far one of the best and youngest groups in the league. PS: I have no idea of who casey weldon is.

Vacation Man:It is a very good o-line. Strongest area of the team. Casey Weldon was a backup QB for Bucs in the mid-90s. Once beat up Dilfer on a golf course — that’s his claim to fame.

Weldon may just get his name etched in the future ring of fame at the CITS for that stunt. If nothing else, Weldon is now a cult hero.

Look, Joe has absolutely nothing against Dilfer personally. Seems like a pleasant fellow and a nice guy. But he was brutal beyond words as a quarterback.

Joe rarely watches BSPN. It’s an insult to his intelligence. And with the NFL Network, what’s the purpose (aside from live games)? So on the off chance Joe does catch Dilfer while surfing across BSPN, the only thing Joe wants to hear out of his mouth is the proper form for throwing interceptions.

11 Responses to “Casey Weldon: Hero of the People”

  1. Mike Says:

    Did Weldon literally beat up Dilfer on a golf course, or does he mean playing the game of golf? If it was literally, I never heard that story before. If it was golf, then that’s a story, as Dilfer is a pretty good scratch golfer. Yeah, Dilfer sucked as a QB, but Weldon wasn’t much better. And I feel a whole lot different about Trent after he lost his son, than I did walking out of the CITS after that Opening Day loss to the Giants, was it in 1999?

  2. Chris Says:

    Even though he was not the QB we anticipated, Trent Dilfer has enough NFL experience & credentials to hold down his pulpit on ESPN. My question is this: What are Joe’s credentials? What has Joe done in the league? It’s easy to run a web site based solely on negativity. That’s easy writing. Oh, I know, you’ve got Jeff Carlson chiming in on your website. Jeff Carlson?!? I don’t know if he sucked more as an NFL QB, TV sports anchor(Brighthouse), or as a writer. Try to give the people a little more. You’re going to look really stupid when, and if, this franchise turns it around. What will you do then, Joe? Maybe you’ll go back to playing more video game football since that’s probably where you get the majority of your experience from. Prove me otherwise.

  3. admin Says:

    Joe here – Hi Chris. Sorry you have such a negative attitude. If you regularly visit, or check the archives, you’ll see lots of positive stories about Bucs players and positive interviews. We are big fans of the Bucs here and bleed pewter and red. If you don’t like how we express ourselves, that’s ok. Everyone has different tastes. Regarding Jeff Carlson, he is a strong writer and a former NFL quarterback who has been in camp with four or five different teams, including the Bucs. He brings valuable perspective, whether you like him or not.

    The writers here at have more than 30 years sportswriting experience combined. We’ve been in locker rooms and on the beats of many major sports for major publications. We’ve also played football as well.

    Lastly, will never look stupid when the Bucs turn it around because we root, root, root for the home team. …With good quarterback play in 2009 and a little luck on defense (like the good bounces we got in 2005) the Bucs could be back in the playoffs this year.

  4. frye Says:

    Joe, you’r too nice to the moron hater here. Save your fingers on the keyboard and just tell him to jump off a cliff.

    YES, Weldon had a physical fight with Dilfer that got him cut soon after if i remember right.

  5. Joe Says:

    Thanks for the kind words Frye!

    Hey, Joe knows this blog isn’t for everyone. After all, Joe isn’t Rachel Watson nor does he own any pom-pons. Joe’s a former season ticket holder and owns a Kevin House jersey. He bleeds pewter and red but he’s not about to bite his tongue on any Bucs-related news or issues.

    Joe welcomes all but Joe knows there a place for cheerleaders and former roommates of Mark Dominik (Pewter Report) and a place for fans who speak openly (Joe).

    And Joe’s quite comfortable with his own resume. Joe’s done enough in journalism that he isn’t ashamed to speak with anyone, from Mike Wilbon and Bob Costas down to a part-time clerk on the copy desk at the Tribune.

  6. Joe Says:

    >>> And I feel a whole lot different about Trent after he lost his son, than I did walking out of the CITS after that Opening Day loss to the Giants, was it in 1999? <<<

    UGH! That game still gives Joe nightmares. Every time Joe see Dilfer’s mug on TV Joe thinks of that idiotic pass where, just before he stepped out of bounds, he decides to wing the ball 50 yards downfield which was naturally picked off.

    Then Dilfer had the gall to argue he was out of bounds. If you thought you were out of bounds, why did you throw the ball? (Joe’s shaking his head trying to push the memory of that game out of his brain cells).

  7. Sgt Mike Says:

    Dilfer was beyond bad and he came out and publicly stated that he was better than the whole team. Dilfer ruined many a promising WR career, see Horace”Hi C” Copeland, by throwing those squaking duck passes that could not reach the WR but Hi C was so fast that he would break stride and come back to catch it then proceed to get clobbered by defenders. Hi C eventually blew out his knees working with Dilfer as a QB. He could have been one ofthe good ones. We’ll never know as well as countless others. We had a top notch QB of the future in Erickson and played him like a fiddle. He got hurt on another team (Colts,Fins) and we’ll never know if he could have made it here. Yes, that was awesome when Weldon kicked Dilfers ass. Saw him in a Bank in Lutz one time and told him I appreciated the effort. He laughed. Good Times, Good Times.

  8. Mike Says:

    Didn’t Dilfer try to throw a pass out of his end zone that game that was picked off on like the 5 yard line and the DL trotted in for the winning score? The D held the Giants to less than 100 yards of offense and we still lost. My brother, a Giants fan, flew down for the game and said what he heard being said about Dilfer after the game walking down the ramps was worse than anything he’s heard in Giants stadium after a loss.

  9. Joe Says:


    Andre Weathers was the guy you are thinking of. It was the winning score.

    Week 1: New York Giants (lost 13-17)

    Quarterback Trent Dilfer threw three interceptions (2 returned for touchdowns), and lost one fumble in a pitiful individual performance against the New York Giants. Despite the Buccaneer defense holding the Giants to only 91 yards passing, 28 yards rushing, and only 4 first downs, the Giants scored 17 points off of turnovers. Coach Tony Dungy pulled Dilfer in favor of Eric Zeier, who did not fare well either.

  10. Joe Says:

    Anyone remember Dilfer wearing that stupidass face mask on Sunday Night Football against the Titans to “honor” Terry Bradshaw? He throws a pick from the end zone (shock!) for a one-yard return for a Titans touchdown which was the winning score for Tennessee.

  11. Chris Says:

    “The writers here at have more than 30 years sportswriting experience combined. We’ve been in locker rooms and on the beats of many major sports for major publications. We’ve also played football as well”.

    What, do you have 30 writers each with one year’s experience? Just kidding Joe…

    And Frye, this “moron hater” doesn’t just follow blindly the words of the local sports media contingency. I also don’t believe journalists know it all. I’ve always felt that you should believe half of what you hear and none of what you read.

    For the record, I’m a Tampa native who’s family has been season ticket holders since the team’s inception so I think I reserve the right to provide an opine from time to time.

    Also, don’t get me wrong, I’m not some cream sickle-colored glass wearer. I personally was almost giddy when Chuckles finally got the hammer dropped on him. He was abysmall with player development and his offensive game plans seemed to get mired in the mud (his ego).

    Lastly, my favorite Dilfer moment was the “Triple Lindy” he performed against the Giants when he three stepped (or hopped or whatever) toward the sideline only to throw a pick. That was priceless!