Cap Confusion

June 25th, 2009

Joe’s colleague Mike Florio, the creator, curator and overall guru at, has done some of Joe’s dirty work today.

So Joe has decided to delete what he was working on and instead link to Florio’s story about Mark Dominik’s suspect claims about the Bucs offseason spending.

“We started free agency with over $80 million in cap room,” Dominik said.  “And we’ve spent almost $60 million.”

Um, really?

For starters, the notion that the Bucs had $80 million in 2009 cap space far exceeds all estimates and reports of their actual spending room.

The suggestion that the team has spent $60 million this year seems flat-out incredible.

As in not credible.

Early this morning, Joe transcribed Dominik’s exact quotes from his recent radio interview with electronic media czar J.P. Peterson.

The stated numbers struck Joe as very surprising, too.

But for fans, Dominik’s accounting interpretations don’t mean a whole lot. Playing GM is pretty cut and dried: Keep the good players, ditch the crappy ones and don’t draft losers.

And spend your money. It does the product no good in the bank.

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